Allied Genealogical Search is announcing the publication of our newsletter “Madison County, Nebraska Connectionsllied Genealogical Search is announcing the the publication of a newsletter           Madison County, Nebraska Connections  It is a 12 page bi-monthly newsletter with publication of our first issue in January 2016.    It will be filled with items from newspapers, books, cemeteries, courthouse, submissions from other readers which are not available on the internet and many other sources.

If you like to have a subscription to it please let us know.  The cost for this publication is only $lllllll for an one year subscription.  The one year subscription begins when we receive your request.  We can either mail this to you or send it by e-mail. Please let us know how you like to receive it and the address we need to use to send it to you.

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Allied Genealogical Search newsletter
“Madison County, Nebraska Connections” was first published in January 2016.  It is a 12 page bi-monthly newsletter filled with items from the newspapers, books, courthouse records, personal submissions from our readers and many other sources that are not available on the internet.

If you would like to receive our newsletter please let us know. 

The cost is only $12 for a one year subscription.  Your one year subscription begins when we receive your request and payment.  We can mail it to you or e-mail (PDF format) if you will give us the address you like us to use.  Please send your payment to our mailing address:     
Allied Genealogical Search                                                                 P. O. Box 972
Norfolk, Nebraska 68702–0972.

We can be reached by e-mail at      or by mail at the address shown above.

You can get a subscription to the newsletter without being a member of AGS.

We do accept submissions for the newsletter about people that have or had connections to Madison county, Nebraska or other areas of Nebraska. Please send them to us by mail or e-mail along with your name.  If you have information about your area and would like to share it with our readers please let us know about it. Please include the source of the information, date, page number or other identifiable information so that others may find it if they choose to do so.

Thank you for your information.

Why wait and miss out on information in our future issues. Let us know of your interest today in receiving our future newsletters.

Our newsletter offers a variety of items on people, places, events in life, etc. So start your subscription to see what all of our future issues will have in them.   Below are items from our past issues.


Here are some of the items that you missed that was in our newsletters:

January 2016
George Walton and his shoe shop; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Fay;
Louis Villnow and their property; School District No. 75; WJAG radio station;
Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Fuerst; Trinity Episcopal Church, Norfolk Public Library;
Hall Brothers; Dr. H. L. Kindred; Mrs. Obed Raasch; Stanton Public Library;
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wiedeman; Gene Huse and his automobile;
grocery stores at 1316 Norfolk Ave. and 103 S. 13th Street.

March 2016
Mrs. Sophia Bland; Mrs. Othelia Marten; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ucker;
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ames Sr.; Mr. and Mrs. Gus Radenz; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schwede;
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Adkins; August Hintz; Pierce Public Library;
Meadow Grove Public Library; Albert Peters; Battle Creek Public Library;
Carl F. A. Marquardt; Mrs. Mary Dittrick; Godfey Maas; Mrs. Helene Hutchisson;
Mrs. Julius Kell; Fred Ritter; Paul Garden;
deaths in “Madison Star-Mail” newspaper from 1981.

May 2016
a Bee tower; Peter Webb; Saul M. Melcher / Penny’s store / Lyric Theater;
Mrs. George B. Stonebraker; death lists in 1939-1940 city directory; Vern Copeland;
John W. Decker; John Dittberner Sr.; Leonard Tetzloff; Ed Brom;
Charles J. or Carl J. W. Zierke; Mrs. Henrietta Demmel; Chris J. Kortman;
Mrs. Sarah Benish; William Beckman; Mrs.Frank Ueckermann.

July 2016
Old Grant School; Mrs. Helen Nelson; Czech words and website information;                   Paul H. Wetzel; Nebraska and Kansas Czech Settlers from 1891-1895; Herman Klug; Floyd Freeland; Arnold Emerich / Perry Cafe; Theodore W. Mueller; Antique gowns; Madison county townships and sections listing and maps.

September 2016
Veterans Day, Martellograms; Dr. W. E. Crane; County Poor Farm;
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Zach, Sr.; J. L. “Bud” Pope; George Janssen; Husking Bee;
Alvin Meyer; Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Malone / Pilot Knob; Corn Picking Bees;
Mrs. Andrew Bishop; How to locate cemeteries; Art Laubsch; Mrs. Grace M. Beal;
Mr. and Mrs. William Bender; C. F. Baisch; Mr. and Mrs. August Eucker; Mrs. Anna Muffly.

November 2016
They moved but to where? Norfolk City Directory 1939—1940; C. S. Snyder;         Martellograms (concerning Lyle Farran and family); Items from Stanton Register;         1857 Survey Reenacted; How to decipher cemetery monuments;                           Pamphlet on Anniversary of Lebanon, Wisconsin.

January 2017
Warnerville Methodist Church; George Leu; Personals; Mrs. Frank Stengel;
Mrs. Emilge Bergman; C. P. Byerly; Relic of Norfolk First Hotel;
Memorial rites/Pierce county; Norfolk’s First Cyclone; Mrs. Rebecca Perry;
Mrs. Clara Johnson; Nickolas P. Christiansen; Ed Newsom; Epitaphs

March 2017
Walter Bohlman; William H. Flesner; M. & O. Water Tower;
Herman Zibell; Mrs. Boyce Kellogg; Hamburger Hut;
Grover Hagel, Amelia Hagel, Edward Hagel, Lydia Hagel,
Robert Hagel, William Hagel, and Laura Tritsch;
Bruce “Buzz” and Leland Grieves with ’Tinky’ the pet skunk; Ed Rotherham;
Clyde Edwards; August Fredrickson; Norfolk Public Library construction project;
Mrs. J. V. (Harriet McCarragher) Jackson; Clyde E. Reed;
Mr. and Mrs. William Warnecke; Burr Taft.

May 2017
Ed Prenger, Ye Olde Tavern; Mrs. Ida (Rosenbaum) Stefan; Fred Boehnke,;                    Norfolk’s Street Cars; O. B. Unthank; Norfolk’s First School; Charles E. Howser;       Hillview Chapel; William Peters; Thabor Lutheran Church at Wausa;
14 Brothers & Sisters Bossard Reunion; Mrs. Carl Wilde;
St. John’s Lutheran Church Green Garden; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Storm;
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Punteney; Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Ashcraft;
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. August Blomgren; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Praeuner;
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Gall; Norfolk Public Library construction;
Deaths and Funerals: Mrs. Bertha Hattie Brown, Mrs. Nellie Lewis,
George Edward Johnson, Jack Jones Sr., John Thomas Sharples, Edith Stahl,
Georg Linge, Raymond Adolph Albert Toelle.

September 2017
Prenger’s restaurant closed; Early Days Newman Grove area; “Pete” the Rooster;
Early History Madison Methodist Church; Pierce Methodist Church 60th;
Paul C. Gutzman; Madison county rural Teachers 1928;  Madison’s first hotel keeper;
Early History of Battle Creek; St. Paul’s Lutheran Church {Norfolk} landmark;
Norco Feeds, Warren J. Rouse.

November 2017
The John Mauer family; Lee and George Cornell; Elizabeth (Hale) Roberts;
The Robert Ziegenbein family; Headlines from Norfolk Press newspaper [25 items Oct. 29 – Dec. 31, 1931];
LeRoy, Dean and Leland Tiimperley; Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Wheeler;
Roy A Johnson and Sunshine Market; A. A. Horrocks; Mrs. Sadie Longnecker;
William Grattan; Necrology 1981 and 1984;
Deaths and Funerals Nov 1, 3, 13, 1980; Mrs. Mary Munger

January 2018
Mrs. Gertude Pierce “Popcorn Lady”; Everett Kernick Early-Day Blacksmith;
Otto Ulrich; Mrs. Caroline Wilde; Jerome James “J. J.” DeLay; Archie Rowlett;
William Kohl; Mrs. Conrad {Charlotte} Wacker; Stephen Lecher;
C. W. “Bill”‘ Braasch; David and Emma (Mallory) Allen; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Allen;
Cart Gettman; Crows roosts raided; Mrs. George B. {Audrey} Salter, George S. Salter;
City site has Grisly History; Mary (Daily) Nethaway; George and Catherine Daily; Vallie Nethaway; Ezer and Louise Nethaway; Norfolk Tragedy;
Mrs. Wilhelmine (Braasch) Duhring / Doering; Mr. and Mrs. George Dreger;
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Heidemann; Mrs. Albert Dreger; Henry Hossman.

Why wait and miss out on information in our future issues. Let us know of your interest today in receiving our future newsletters.