Your REQUEST for help here

If you need help in locating information on your family, relatives or ancestors here in Madison county or in northeast Nebraska please let us know.

 If you have an area, person, event or anything that we could be of help to you please contact us at our e-mail address

or at our mailing address
Allied Genealogical Search     P. O. Box  972     Norfolk, NE 68702-0972

The cost of the research is very reasonable. We do not charge for our time. The cost of the photcopies and post office charges for mailing the items back to you. We might charge 1 to 2 dollars per obit depending upon the number of pages it takes for the obit(s).  Note that the public library has been charging 10 dollars per obit. 

If what you are searching for is not on the website would you please let us know. As we do our research in many different areas we can be on the lookout for information concerning your request or needs.

We are adding material but if your area is not on there now let us know so we can add it to our website.  There are many sources and lots of information that is not available on line.

We appreciate your help in making this website better. Our list of information will only get better with your help.  So contact us with your question or idea.