AGS Mission

Allied Genealogical Search              Mission Statement

The purpose of this group is to find, research, and to share the information of genealogical, historical and the interesting nature that our ancestors, family and friends experienced in their living in their area. We recognize that not all people lived in one area of the state or in one area of the United States. Our ancestors moved about in their time and so today the information we share comes from many places and many different sources.

It is the hope that with many people working, serving and living across this land we can share with each other the ideas, findings, and history of our families and their lives in the communities they lived. Connections we seek for ourselves of our past. Connections we give to others in finding and living together. Connections we share now so our future descendants, relatives, and many other people can know of our current life and what we experienced.

Membership in our group is by your choice. Sharing and working together is encouraged. If you like to subscribe for the newsletter there is a charge for it. That charge only covers a part of the cost of making photocopies of items from library, courthouse and other sources to be placed in the newsletter, along with the printing and mailing cost of the publication.

Let us know of your interest in our group. Let us know of resources in your area and where they are located. Sharing together helps each one of us to learn, to know, and to grow.

A newsletter subscription will be for one year from time of your request to us. The cost is the same for newsletter by mail or by e-mail format. We publish 6 issues per year,
bi-monthly beginning in January.

______ I would like my name listed as a member of Allied Genealogical Search
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______ I would like to subscribe to the “Madison County, Nebraska Connections” newsletter.  [ The newsletter has been suspended until further notice. ]

Subscription payment of $ 12.00 is enclosed.
_____ Send by mail. ______Send by e-mail.

Legible letters help us to be accurate in getting your name listed.

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For easy use of communication if you like to share with us:

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our P. O. Box has been discontinued.

New e-mail address as of March 23, 2017

Remember we do local research                        at reasonable prices.