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This area contains information that was found from other sources.  The source might be found in a society publication from that county.   Information from a web source will also be noted concerning a Nebraska county.

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Boone-Nance Co. Genealogical Society
Posted on July 18, 2012
The Boone-Nance County Genealogical Society meets on the second Monday from April through October at 7 p.m. at the Boone County Courthouse in Albion, NE., From November through March they meet on the second Saturday of the month at 1 p.m. at the Boone County Courthouse. Their fiscal year is May 1st to April 30th. The dues are $10.00 for the year. The mailing address is Boone-Nance County Genealogical Society, P. O. Box 231, Belgrade, NE. 68623-0231.


Boone County communities
Posted on January 22, 2012
Source: “The Scout” from Boone–Nance County Genealogical Society, P. O. Box 231, Belgrade, NE 68623-0231, Volume 18, No. 3, January 2012, published quarterly
The following article was cited as from “Argus” Nov. 11, 1936.
Lost ! Eleven Communities from the map of Boone County past 60 years
For those skeptics who think that Boone county has little community history, for those pioneers who know of the history, we ask: What has become of 11 communities which at one time dotted the map of Boone county during the past 60 years?
Students of local history will find the subject interesting and replete with pioneer and historical lore, for at one time no less than 22 communities were located in all parts of the county and their names while familiar to pioneers will make a few of the historically inclined new generation, curious.

In the files of The Argus and on a map of the county given us by County Attorney Wm. Keeshan, we find the following communities and list their locations and a little history as we have been able to discover.

Arden,” located near the Beaver, in the very northwest corner of the county was a trading post in the early ’70’s. Later following modern transportation it became no longer necessary for the distribution of the mails. Arden vanished, who knows its history?

Akron” was once a post office, and while it yet remains on the map, it is today what it was then, a trading center for the convenience of those who reside a distance from the larger towns. Today, however, it is still a progressvie community on the map.

Dublin’s” history is quite well known to Primrose. Dublin’s usefulness as a community vanished when Primrose was established and became organized. Another community lost from the map, but it remains today, for located there is now what it called the Dublin cemetery.

Primrose,” founded by David Primrose who located in the Cedar valley in the late ’70’s, is a progressive community in the western part of the county.

Cedar Rapids” enjoys a position of prominence on the map today, but at one time enjoyed rivalry with the community of “Dayton.” the first community in Cedar Valley established by Jas. Robinson in the ’70’s. Dayton vanished from the map when Cedar Rapids was granted a charter in 1884 and the post office moved to that place.

Garner,” like Arden was a community center and trading post. It’s history is unknown, but it vanished with the loss of its post office. It was located about four miles west of Petersburg.

Roselma” was located on Plum creek, in the N 1/2, Section 2, T19, R7, about seven miles from Albion. It also was a mail point and trading center until its usefulness disappeared. Its history is also unknown.

Raeville,” founded by and named after the Rae brothers, does not appear on the map we were given but is a comparatively old community, This community is also a progressive center on the chart.

Petersburg” has been one of the prominent communities in this county for a number of years. Like “Loretto,” to the south, it has a history almost as old as that of the county. The residents of the county are acquainted with the history of “Albion” which is also discussed in this issue.

Directly south of “Albion” on the county line in S22, T18, R6, was once located the community center “Neoma.” No doubt it was a trading center but no trace has been left of its history.

Another community center that has vanished from the map is “Olnes.” Located on S22, T21, R6, it, like the others that have been lost, was a mail point and is now among the missing.

In our files we found mention of “Orford,” presumably located near “Raeville,” it is not listed on the map and its history is unknown.

Closter” still exists as an active community in the northeast corner of Boone county and may be still found named. It, like “Akron.” serves the people of that section.

In S34, T21, R6, was at one time located the mail point and trading center which went under the cognomen of “Coone Prairie.” It is also among those whose history and existence is probably forgotten.

To the south and west of the above community will be found “Bradish,” a railroad and mail point today, an active and progressive community.

The the east of “Bradish” and on S13, T20, R5, was once located a community with the high sounding name of “Sandalia.” Its history would be interesting, but it also is no more.

Southeast of “Albion” is located “Boone,” also a postal and railway point, once a bitter rival of “Hammond” (now Albion) for the location of the county seat. Today it represents a community active and progressive.

In the days of the early ’70’s, “Waterville” was a flourishing community on the banks of the Beaver in the southeastern corner of the county. With the advent of settlers and the establishment of “St. Edward,” “Waterville” vanished, while “St. Edward” grew to be the second city of the county.

Thus the pages of time have turned with Arden, Dublin, Dayton, Garner, Roselma, Olnes, Neema, Orford, Coone Prairie, Sandalia and Waterville lost in the settlement and progress of the county. Settlers and pioneers of the county who know a little history of any of these communities are urged to write letters for publication to this newspaper, for the part these communities played in the building of the county was, no doubt, important and should be preserved for those of the new generations.
Our historian, Mr. F. M. Weitzel, has promised The Argus a story on how each of the more important communities left there mark, today 11 communities remain and “survival of the fittest” seemed to play an important part.


The Genevan 1921
Posted on June 4, 2013

Geneva High School Annual
Geneva, Nebraska
Fillmore County

Senior Class Members
Florence Mulligan, President
Vernon Martin, Vice President
Joe Hranac, Secretary and Treasurer
Glen Thulin                          Lawrence Buehrer                      Evelyn Heath
Mabel Rumsey                   Marguerite Hourigan                     Glenn M’Coy
Lyle Ertel                            Bert Nelson                                   Glenn Hill
Edna Griffin                        Clarence Weinerth                       Raymond Dondlinger
Caroline Reinsch               James Matejka                             Elsie Sole
Nelson Potter                     Ethel Ford                                    Joe Coleman
Eita Griffin                          Glenn Richards                            Esther Bordner
John Katheiser                  Ray Willy

Junior Class Members
Walter Hourigan, President
Bernard Rowlison, Vice President
Lee Biester, Secretary-Treasurer
Clarice Saunders              Eleanor Nittler                    Margaret Borland                    Virginia Bumgarner           Gaylord Spear                   Thora Mowry
Edith Converse                 George Koehler                 Jack Mulligan                          Agnes Hourigan                Wayne Delaney                  Irene Anderson                    Eleanor Owens                 Harry Frantz                       James Loghry                      Beulah Wells                     Dean Hill                             Louise Acker
Verl Peterson                    Cecil Richards                     Alice Vavra                             Claude McDonald             Egenia Ogg                         Loyd Russell

Sophomore Class Members
Gladys Anderson, President
Lucille Nicholson, Vice President
Rose Peterson, Secretary-Treasurer
Blanche Bobbitt               Frances Fiegenbaum               Clyde Gewecke                     Islea Held                        Velma Kuhns                            Robert Manning                       Eva Myers                       Helen McPeck                          Verna Nelson                            John Pittard                     Maud Rumsey                          Darrell Scott                          Velma Stansberry            Edmund Weis                          Gale Walton                               Alva Ward                       Josie Bures                               Leonard Goold                           Gerald Geis                     Lula Ingels                               Rose Komarek                      Elton Martin                     Carol Myers                             Mildred Moore                     Bernice Pangle                Fred Picard                             Genevieve Rock                         Lula Russell                    Waldo Schupbach                   Vincent Willy                        Donald Warner                Irene Bauer                             Frank Bates                             DeVee Hafer                   Lena Hanlin                             Howard Davis                            Ira Whipple                     Clyde Yates                              Ada Myers                             Margaret Janing              Alice Kohler                             Merna Myers                           Cecilia Griffin                  Louise Crawford                       Jessie Richards               Kenneth Wilson              Fannie Potter                            Bernice Nachbor                      Mildred Clawson             Pearl Walker                            William Kretke                           Frank Uldrich

Freshman Class Members
Ralph Reeve, President
Dorothy Skinkle, Vice President
Edith Hranac, Secretary-Treasurer
Francis Ackland               Willard Ainsworth               Archie Anderson                        Paul Bordner                     Lela Brown                       Arthur Bass
Zola Bedford                     Hazel Black                      Condra Clark
Leonard Case                   Melva Chesshir                Retta Davis
Irene Eddy                        Mildred Eavey                  Harry Eaton
Zola Fogle                         Kenneth Fisher                Velma Frantz
Georgia Gunn                   John Gewecke                 Dale Hill
Mildred Huston                  Wilma Hess                     Harry Hilton
Harold Helton                    Walter Isley                      Marie Janing                        Anthony Katheiser            Merton McCartney            Maude Owens
John Ogg                          Florence Palmer               Marion Peterson
Rolland Propst                  Fred Rhoda                       Beulah Roles                           Pearl Ray                          Glen Stoldorf                    Carl Sole
Robert Sheldon                 Norma Scott                     Joy Strong
Ruth Williams                    Madeline Wythers             Howard Watmore
Goldie Van Patten             Hazel Van Patten              Raymond Linderman                     Ben Bruce                         Russell Battle                    Loree Waggoner