Neb. City ( M – Z ) and County

This listing is for many of the cities, towns, places that are located in Nebraska.
The  *  after the name indicates that is an incorporated place.
If there is a CDP after a name it is a census designated place as some will show that in this listing.

The name of the city is alphabetize in the list and then follows the county that location is in.


Macon     Franklin county
Macy     Thurston county
Madison*     Madison county
Madrid*     Perkins county
Magnet*     Cedar county
Malcolm*     Lancaster county
Malmo*     Saunders county
Manley*     Cass county
Mapps     York county
Marengo     Hayes county
Marion     Red Willow county
Marquette*     Hamilton county
Marsland     Dawes county
Martell     Lancaster county
Martin     Keith county
Martinsburg*     Dixon county
Mascot     Harlan county
Maskell*     Dixon county
Mason City*     Custer county
Max     Dundy county
Maxwell*     Lincoln county
Mayberry     Pawnee county
Maywood*     Frontier county
McCook*     Red Willow county
McCool Junction*     York county
McGrew*     Scotts Bluff county
McLean*     Pierce county
Mead*     Saunders county
Meadow     Sarpy county
Meadow Grove*    Madison county
Meadville     Keya Paha county
Melbeta*     Scotts Bluff county
Melia     Sarpy county
Memphis*     Saunders county
Menominee     Cedar county
Merchiston     Nance county
Merna*     Custer county
Merriman*     Cherry county
Milburn     Custer county
Milford*     Seward county
Millard     Douglas county
Miller*     Buffalo county
Milligan*     Fillmore county
Mills     Keya Paha county
Minatare*     Scotts Bluff county
Minden*     Kearney county
Mitchell*     Scotts Bluff county
Mohler     Morrill county
Monowi*     Boyd county
Monroe*     Platte county
Monterey     Cuming county
Montrose     Sioux county
Moorefield*     Frontier county
Morrill*     Scotts Bluff county
Morse Bluff*     Saunders county
Mount Clare     Nuckolls county
Mullen*     Hooker county
Murdock*     Cass county
Murphy     Hamilton county
Murray*     Cass county
Mynard     Cass county

Nacora     Dakota county
Naper*     Boyd county
Naponee*     Franklin county
Nashville     Washington county
Nebraska City*     Otoe county
Nehawka*     Cass county
Neligh*     Antelope county
Nelson*     Nuckolls county
Nemaha*     Nemaha county
Nenzel*     Cherry county
Newark     Kearney county
Newcastle*     Dixon county
Newman Grove*     Madison county, Platte county {in 2 counties}
Newport*     Rock county
Nickerson*     Dodge county
Niobrara*     Knox county
Nora*     Nuckolls county
Norden     Keya Paha county
Norfolk*     Madison county
Norman*     Kearney county
North Bend*     Doge county
North Loup*     Valley county
North Platte*     Lincoln county
Northport     Morrill county
Nysted     Howard county

O’Neill*     Holt county
Oak*     Nuckolls county
Oakdale*     Antelope county
Oakland*     Burt county
Obert*     Cedar county
Oconee     Platte county
O’Connor     Greeley county
Oconto*     Custer county
Octavia*     Butler county
Odell*     Gage county
Odessa     Buffalo county
O’Fallons     Lincoln county
Offutt AFB CDP     Sarpy county
Ogallala*     Keith county
Ohiowa*     Fillmore county
Olean     Colfax county
Olean     Valley county
Omaha*     Douglas county
Ong*     Clay county
Opportunity     Holt county
Orafino     Frontier county
Orchard*     Antelope county
Ord*     Valley county
Oreapolis     Cass county
Orleans*     Harlan county
Orum     Washington county
Osceola*     Polk county
Oshkosh*     Garden county
Osmond*     Pierce county
Otoe*     Otoe county
Ough     Dundy county
Overland     Hamilton county
Overton*     Dawson county
Ovina     Hall county
Oxford*     Furnas county

Page*     Holt county
Palisade*     Hitchcock county
Palmer*     Merrick county
Palmyra*     Otoe county
Panama*     Lancaster county
Papillion*     Sarpy county
Parks     Dundy county
Paul     Otoe county
Pauline     Adams county
Pawnee City*     Pawnee county
Paxton*     Keith county
Pender*     Thurston county
Peru*     Nemaha county
Petersburg*     Boone county
Phillips*     Hamilton county
Pickrell*     Gage county
Pierce*     Pierce county
Pilger*     Stanton county
Piper     Morrill county
Pishelville     Knox county
Plainview*     Pierce county
Platte Center*     Platte county
Plattsmouth*     Cass county
Pleasant Dale*     Seward county
Pleasant Hill     Saline county
Pleasant Hill     Custer county
Pleasant Valley     Cedar county
Pleasanton*     Buffalo county
Plymouth*     Jefferson county
Polk*     Polk county
Ponca*     Dixon county
Poole     Buffalo county
Potter*     Cheyenne county
Powell     Jefferson county
Prague*     Saunders county
Prairie Center     Buffalo county
Prairie Home     Lancaster county
Precept     Furnas county
Preston*     Richardson county
Primrose*     Boone county
Princeton     Lancaster county
Prosser*     Adams county
Purdum     Blaine county

Quick     Frontier county

Raeville     Boone county
Ragan*     Harlan county
Ralston*     Douglas county
Randolph*     Cedar county
Ravenna*     Buffalo county
Raymond*     Lascaster county
Red Cloud*     Webster county
Red Willow     Red Willow county
Republican City*     Harlan county
Reynolds*     Jefferson county
Richfield     Sarpy county
Richland*     Colfax county
Ringgold     McPherson county
Rising City*     Butler county
Riverdale*     Buffalo county
Riverton*     Franklin county
Roca*     Lancaster county
Rockford     Gage county
Rockville*     Sherman county
Rogers*     Colfax county
Rokeby     Lancaster county
Rosalie*     Thurston county
Roscoe     Keith county
Rose     Rock county
Rosedale     Hall county
Roseland*     Adams county
Rosemont     Webster county
Rosenburg     Platte county
Round Valley     Custer county
Royal*     Antelope county
Rulo*     Richardson county
Rushville*     Sheridan county
Ruskin*     Nuckolls county

Sacramento     Phelps county
Saint Bernard     Platte county
Saint Charles     Cuming county
Saint Edward*     Boone county
Saint Helena*     Cedar county
Saint James     Cedar county
Saint Libory     Howard county
Saint Mary     Johnson county
Saint Michael     Buffalo county
Saint Paul*     Howard county
Saint Stephens     Nuckolls county
Salem*     Richardson county
Santee*     Knox county
Sarben     Keith county
Sargent*     Custer county
Saronville*     Clay county
Sartoria     Buffalo county
Saunders     Valley county
Schuyler*     Colfax county
Scotia*     Greeley county
Scottsbluff*     Scotts Bluff county
Scribner*     Dodge county
Seneca*     Thomas county
Seward*     Seward county
Shelby*     Polk county
Shelton*     Buffalo county
Shickley*     Fillmore county
Sholes*     Wayne county
Shubert*     Richardson county
Sidney*     Cheyenne county
Silver Creek*     Merrick county
Smithfield*     Gosper county
Snyder*     Dodge county
South Bayard     Morrill county
South Bend*     Cass county
South Broad Trailer Court
South Morrill     Scotts Bluff county
South Omaha     Douglas county
South Sioux City*     Dakota county
South Yankton     Cedar county
Spalding*     Greeley county
Sparks     Cherry county
Sparta     Knox county
Spencer*     Boyd county
Sprague*     Lancaster county
Springfield*     Sarpy county
Springview*     Keya Paha county
Spurville     Stanton county
Stafford     Holt county
Stamford*     Harlan county
Stanton*     Stanton county
Staplehurst*     Seward county
Stapleton*     Logan county
Star     Holt county
Steele City*     Jefferson county
Steinauer*     Pawnee county                                                                                            Stella*     Richardson county
Sterling*     Johnson county
Stockham*     Hamilton county
Stockville*     Frontier county
Strang*     Fillmore county
Stratton*     Hitchcock county
Stromsburg*     Polk county
Stuart*     Holt county
Sumner*     Dawson county
Sumter     Valley county
Sunol     Cheyenne county
Superior*     Nuckolls county
Surprise*     Butler county
Sutherland*     Lincoln county
Sutton*     Clay county
Swan Lake     Holt county
Swanton*     Saline county
Swedeburg     Saunders county
Swedehome     Polk county
Sweetwater     Buffalo county
Sybrant     Rock county
Syracuse*     Otoe county

Table Rock*     Pawnee county
Talmage*     Otoe county
Tamora     Seward county
Tarnov*     Platte county
Taylor*     Loup county
Tecumseh*     Johnson county
Tekamah*     Burt county
Telbasta     Washington county
Terrytown*     Scotts Bluff county
Thayer*     York county
Thedford*     Thomas county
Thompson     Jefferson county
Thurston*     Thurston county
Tilden*     Madison county, Antelope county {in 2 counties}
Tobias*     Saline county
Touhy     Saunders county
Trenton*     Hitchcock county
Trumbull*     Clay county
Tryon     McPherson county

Uehling*     Dodge county
Ulysses*     Butler county
Unadilla*      Otoe county
Union*     Cass county
University Place     Lancaster county
Upland*     Franklin county
Utica*     Seward county

Valentine*     Cherry county
Valley*     Douglas county
Valparaiso*     Saunders county
Venango*     Perkins county
Venice     Douglas county
Venus     Knox county
Verdel*     Knox county
Verdigre*     Knox county
Verdon*     Richardson county
Verona     Clay county
Vesta     Johnson county
Virginia*     Gage county
Vorhees     Boone county

Wabash     Cass county
Waco*     York county
Wahoo*     Saunders county
Wakefield*     Dixon county
Wallace*     Lincoln county
Walnut     Knox county
Walthill*     Thurston county
Walton     Lancaster county
Wann     Saunders county
Warnerville     Madison county
Washington*     Washington county
Waterbury*     Dixon county
Waterloo*     Douglas county
Wauneta*     Chase county
Wausa*     Knox county
Waverly*     Lancaster county
Wayne*     Wayne county
Webster     Dodge county
Wee Town     Pierce county
Weeping Water*     Cass county
Weissert     Custer county
Wellfleet*     Lincoln county
West Point*     Cuming county
Western*     Saline county
Westerville     Custer county
Westmark     Phelps county
Weston*     Saunders county
Whiteclay     Sheridan county
Whitman     Grant county
Whitney*     Dawes county
Wilber*     Saline county
Wilcox*     Kearney county
Willis     Dakota  county
Willow Island     Dawson county
Wilsonville*     Furnas county
Winnebago*     Thurston county
Winnetoon*     Knox countyh
Winside*     Wayne county
Winslow*     Dodge county
Wisner*     Cuming county
Wolbach*     Greeley county
Wood Lake*     Cherry county
Wood River*     Hall county
Woodcliff     Saunders county
Woodland Hills CDP     Otoe county
Woodland Park CDP     Stanton county
Woodlawn     Lancaster county
Worms     Merrick county
Wymore*     Gage county
Wynot*     Cedar county
Wyoming     Otoe county

Yankee Hill     Lancaster county
York*     York county
Yutan*     Saunders county