Family Search Files

Information will vary as to what is available for the following names. The person(s) who did the research on these files most were done in the 1960’s and 1970’s, some in the 1980’s.  Some information may be correct, some may have changes from other records that are available on other websites and other sources.  No guarantee is expressed or implied as to the accuracy of the original researcher(s) work / efforts. Note that not every single name in every file can or will be listed below.  These are family group files that may contain the names of individuals, names of parents, siblings, parents of a married couple, etc.

The states that are shown in these files are Arizona, California, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin.

Other countries that are mention are: Canada, Czechoslovakia, England, Ireland, Northern Wales,

Names will be added as possible when other files have been submitted to us.

The following names are alphabetized for you.  Maiden name are within  (      ) when it was shown in the file.





Baker, Alonzo
Baker, Anner E. (Telford)
Beecroft, Joseph T.
Beecroft, Percinda (Telford)
Brandt, Esther (Steinmeyer)
Brandt, John K.
Brower, Jane V. (Telford)
Brower, John T.
Bull, Emma J. (Craig)
Bull, Isaac S.
Bull, Joseph J.
Bull, Molly
Bull, Reben
Byers, Arminda P. (Yates)
Byers, Thomas R.


Carlson, Carl
Carlson, Della
Case, A. Y.
Case, Mina E. (Rogers)
Chatterton, Catherine ( Quette / DeQuette)
Chatterton, Thomas
Coltron, Anner (Norwood)
Coltron, Graham
Craig, Elizabeth (Reese)
Craig, James
Craig, James M.
Craig, Margaret (McMulkins)


Dierks, Bertha  (Kubbernus)
Dierks, Fred


Engel, Anna E. (Asendorf)
Engel, Anna J. (Schaefer)
Engel, August E.
Engel, George H.
Estabrook, David W.
Estabrook, Mary J. (Farrell)


Ferris, Henry A.
Ferris, Mary K. (Skiff)
Fitch, Helen (Wilson)
Fitch, Ray / Roy
Fogg, Josephine (Ricks)
Fogg, William
Follett, Emma (Craig)
Follett, Wesley
Ford, Gertrude I. (Steward)
Ford, John R.
Fransen / Franzen, John
Fransen / Franzen, Mary (Smith)


Gee, Erastus
Gee, Geneva E. (Telford)
Gross, Alice V. (Pearson)
Gross, Allen Norman
Gross, Margaret (Heckel)
Gross, Philip George


Hankel, Donald
Hankel, Irene D. (Stetter)
Hinman, Orville
Hinman, Orville A.
Hinman, Margaret (Wise)
Hinman, Sarah (Burney)
Hobson, Nellie (Wilson)
Hyer, Andrew L.
Hyer, Elizabeth H. (Telford)





Juranek, Elizabeth A. (Randa)
Juranek, Joseph


Kamorski, Joseph


Lowder, Emily C. (Norton)
Lowder, Richmond
Lueck, Lydia (Steinmeyer)
Lueck, Roland F.


Mansfield, Andrew
Mansfield, Una M. (Telford)




Olmstead, James E.
Olmstead, Jeanette J. (Randolph)
Olmsted, Stephen R.


Pearson, Herschel W.
Pearson, Ina H, (Harris)
Poessel, Edward
Poessel, Maria (Streuh)
Poulter, Ruby A. (Telford)
Poulter, Thomas A.




Ramsby, Mabel H. (Stetter)
Ramsby, Roma
Randolph, James L.
Randolph, Margaret (Wise)
Reese, Elizabeth (Ellis)
Reese, John D.
Rehfeld, Albert
Rehfeld, Anna (Buchholz)
Rietz, Addella R. (Steinmeyer)
Rietz, Ernest H.
Rogers, Calvin C.
Rogers, David J.
Rogers, Elmer B.
Rogers, Ely B.
Rogers, George A.
Rogers, James H.
Rogers, Janette E. (Wakefield)
Rogers, John S.
Rogers, Justin
Rogers, Lelia (Byers)
Rogers, Margaret
Rogers, Mary A. (Seddan)
Rogers, Minet S.
Rogers, Otto
Rogers, Ruth
Rogers, William H.
Root, Blanche V. (Steward)
Root, Loren D.
Rosemore, George
Rosemore, Mary (Kamroski)
Rousey, John
Rousey, Orvetta J. (Zifka)


Sarsar, Hattie P. (Telford)
Sarsar, Jacob
Schmidt, Paul
Schmidt, Philippine (Ruhrer)
Schmidt, Steven
Schwanebeck, Alfred A. W.
Schwanebeck, Amanda E. A. (Leu)
Schwanebeck, Audrey L. (Harrison)
Schwanebeck, Emilie (Rehfeld)
Schwanebeck, Frederick H.
Schwanebeck, Herman
Schwanebeck, Lorrine (Sirek)
Schwanebeck, Olinda (Oltjenbruns)
Schwanebeck, Selma (Wecker)
Schwanebeck, Wilbert H, A.
Schwanebeck, William E. F.
Schwanebeck, William Frank
Schwanke, Lydia (Engel)
Schwanke, Reinhard J.
Schwartz, Agnes J. (Juranek)
Schwartz, Barbara (Stanck)
Schwartz, Emery J.
Schwartz, Florence A. (Carlson)
Schwartz, Frank
Schwartz, Gilhart F.
Schwartz, Joseph F.
Schwartz, Mary (Sojhek)
Schwartz, Nettie E. (Bull)
Shaffer, Jacob L.
Shaffer, Mary C. (Wise)
Steinmeyer, Almut W. (Dierks)
Steinmeyer, Bertha M. (Kurtz)
Steinmeyer, Conrad
Steinmeyer, Evelyn L. (Tjards)
Steinmeyer, George W.
Steinmeyer, Herbert J.
Steinmeyer, Ida (Hardies Hardles)
Steinmeyer, Joseph G., Rev.
Steinmeyer, Katherine W. (Engel)
Steinmeyer, Leona M.
Steinmeyer, Martin M.
Steinmeyer, Rudolph D.
Stetter, Irene G.
Stetter, Margaret D.
Stetter, Martha (Rehfeld)
Stetter, Samuel C.
Stevens, Elisha E.
Stevens, Elizabeth “Dolly” (Wise)
Steward, Archie C.
Steward, Clarence L.
Steward, David M.
Steward, Ester L. (Gregory)
Steward, Jessie H.
Steward, John C.
Steward, Marvin D.
Steward, Mary E. (Woodruff)
Steward, Mildren O. (Baldwin)
Steward, Pearl V.
Steward, Ruba G.
Steward, Sarah M. (Estabrook)
Steward, Vivian (Vogt)


Telford, Adeline (Lewis)
Telford, Anna (Gee)
Telford, Brigham C.
Telford, Brigham H.
Telford, Byron C.
Telford, Elizabeth (Robinson)
Telford, Ellen L. (Parke)
Telford, George E.
Telford, Harriet A. (Lowder)
Telford, Jane (Dodds)
Telford, Jane (Telford)
Telford, John [1802]
Telford, John D.
Telford, John L.
Telford, John R. [1860]
Telford, John R. [1885]
Telford, Lavnia I.
Telford, Lotha (Fogg)
Telford, Lucille
Telford,  Marjorie (Falkner)
Telford, Maryette (Whitlee)
Telford, Myrtle
Telford, Rulon L.
Telford, Sarah M. (Coltron / Coltrin )
Telford, William H.
Telford, Winona (Barmes)
Terrell, Loyal
Terrell, Mary M. (Beemis)
Thomas, Alice M. (Steward)
Thomas, Frank
Tibbetts, Mary (Giroes / Geroes / Gerves)
Tibbetts, William M.
Tjards, Marie (Abraham)
Tjards, Otto D.




Vesper, Dorothy (Steinmeyer)
Vesper, Leo G.
Vetter, Florence A. (Engel)
Vetter, Frederick G. [1st]
Vetter, Frederick G. [1897 2nd]
Vetter, Josphine (Woiteshek)
Voecks, Frank C.
Voecks, Herbert A.
Voecks, Leona E. (Schwanebeck)
Voecks, Mary K. (Lambrecht)



Wakefield, Elizabeth
Wakefield, George W.
Wakefield, Henry D.
Wakefield, James K.
Wakefield, John L.
Wakefield, John T.
Wakefield, Jonathan
Wakefield, Joseph
Wakefield, Lucinda
Wakefield, Maria
Wakefield, Martha (Stickler)
Wakefield, Rebecca
Wakefield, Sarah
Wakefield, Sophia L.
Wakefield, William
Wakefield, Wilson S.
Warren, Earl L.
Warren, Lulu (Telford)
Wege, Edna M. (Ferris)
Wege, Elizabeth (Snider)
Wege, John / William
Wege, William  H.
Wellman, Harriet A. (Hinman)
Wellman, Jane (Fuller)
Wellman, John A.
Wellman, Joseph
Wheeler, Jeanette J. (Randolph)
Wheeler, Joseph C.
White, Clarence A.
White, Ethel (Fawcett)
White, Gladys
White, Mabel I. (Gardner)
White, Maxine D.
White, Mervyn
White, Walter L.
White, William P.
Wilson, Amelia M.
Wilson, Charles W.
Wilson, Dora F. (Burgess)
Wilson, Elsie (Franzen)
Wilson, Helen
Wilson, John
Wilson, John G.
Wilson, Johnny
Wilson, Laura A.
Wilson, Laura M. (Bohannon)
Wilson, Lester
Wilson, Matilda (Rayno)
Wilson, Nellie
Wilson, Udora F., “Dora” (Burgess)
Wilson, Vernon E. “Buster”
Wilson, William S.
Winslow, Anna L. (Poessel)
Winslow, Edna L.
Winslow, Frank E.
Winslow, Frederick H.
Winslow, Fransis A.
Winslow, Henry B.
Winslow, Lewis E.
Winslow, Lillie P.
Winslow, Nathaniel E.
Winslow, Rollin b.
Winslow, Sarah A.
Winslow, Susan B. (Sweet)
Wise, Charles B.
Wise, Elizabeth (Gerdes)
Wise, Grant
Wise, Hannah (Vanscaiak)
Wise, Harriett (Seeley)
Wise, Horace G.
Wise, Jeremiah M. “Judd”
Wise, Jonathan
Wise, John H,
Wise, Mary C. (Ridge)
Wise, Myrtle (Richardson)
Wise, Nancy C. (Chatterton)
Wise, Nancy O.
Wise, Phebe (Terrell)
Wise, Phylorman B.
Wise, Preva
Wise, Rosa / Rose (Stevens)
Wise, Samuel
Wise, Thomas C.
Wise, Vinie / Vinnie O. (Tibbetts)
Wise, William B., jr.
Wise, William B., sr.
Wise, William H., sr.




Young, Laura E. (Winslow)


Zifka, Charles O.
Zifka, Elgina (Smith)
Zifka, Lawrence S.
Zifka, Lenice O. (Dilly / Dilley)
Zifka, Robert C.