On File

The information below is available from Allied Genealogical Search and is on file.  If you like to obtain a photocopy of the material(s) please contact us for the price to get the items mailed to you.

Deaths and Funerals:

Mrs. Albertina Maass 1894                                                                                                 Mrs. William Pasewalk   1894                                                                                          William Pasewalk 1894                                                                                                    infant son of Louis Schenzel 1906
son of Louis Schenzel 1911                                                                                       Christian Kreuch 1920                                                                                                   William Kreuch 1922                                                                                                            Mrs. Louis Schenzel 1937                                                                                                   Mrs. Frank Weston 1937                                                                                                     Mrs. Helen Kreuch 1946
James J. Kelley 1958                                                                                                    Leonard A. Timm 1964