Cemetery list and directions part 2

The following is a simple map of the precinct {township} and cemetery located each of the precincts along with the reference number of the cemetery.  This number is used in using the directions that can be found in Cemetery list and directions part 1.

The information below is on the cemeteries in Madison County, Nebraska. The enlarged  print is the township. Beneath the township is a number for the cemetery followed by the cemetery name. The listing will be from the top to bottom (north to south). Directions to the cemeteries can be found at Cemetery and directions part 1.

Jefferson              Deer Creek            Valley                  Norfolk
36 Warren                 33 Jackson                    31 Best                30 Hillcrest
37 Tilden City            32 St. Patrick                                             26 Regional Center Old,
38 Immanuel                                                                               25 Regional Center New,
35 McCoy                                                                                    28 St. Paul’s
34 St. Matthew                                                                            29 Prospect Hill
27 New Lutheran

                  Highland                 Battle Creek       Warnerville
22 Hutchins              21 Deer Creek             18 Alberry
24 Williams’             20 St. John’s
23 Buffalo Creek     19 Union

             Schoolcraft             Fairview                Union14
14 Emerick             13 Osborn                    12 Fairview                 11 Pleasant Valley
17 Rosehill
16 Trinity # 2
15 Morgan

Shell Creek     Kalamazoo        Green Garden            Madison
9 Shell Creek        7 Iowa Valley             5 Green Garden               3 Barnes
10 Trinity # 1         6 Kohl                        4 Zion Ev.                         2 St. Leonard’s                                          8 Zion Luth.                                                      0  1 Crown Hill

Madison County residents may also be buried in the following nearby cemeteries.

Antelope County                 Pierce County                        Wayne County
Burnett Twp.                               South Branch Twp.                          Hoskins Twp.             {Tilden}                                         {Hadar}                                          {Hoskins}

An.1 St. Mary’s Catholic             Pi.1 Immanuel Lutheran           Wa.1 Trinity Lutheran
Boone County                                                                     Stanton County
North Branch Shell Creek East Twp                                          Spring Branch Twp.
{Rural northeast area of Boone County}                                    {Norfolk or Hoskins}
Bo.1 Immanuel–Zion East Branch                                              St.3 Spring Branch
Bo.2 Immanuel–Zion West Branch                                             St.2 Old Christ Lutheran
Bo.3 Dahlsborg                                                                           St.1 Bauermeister/Zion
Bo.4 Immanuel–Zion South Branch
                                                               Platte County
                                      Walker Twp.                             St. Bernard Twp.
                                  {Newman Grove}                             {St. Bernard}
                                   Pl.2 Hope                                  Pl.1 St. Paul’s Lutheran
Stanton County(Tilden)
(Norfolk/Hoskins)Sec. 23
Sec. 29
Sec. 28
Sec. 4Sec. 19
.Sec. 19Sec. 2(Sec. 4