Deaths 1911–1912

1913–1914 Keiter Directory Co.’s

Norfolk City & Madison County, Nebraska Directory

The publisher of the book also wrote about spellings of surnames.
Here are the ones they wrote that may have a different spelling:
Clevitter, see Klavitter;
Deering see also Duehring;
Duehring, see also Deering;
Harrington, see also Herrington;
Herrington, see also Harrington;
Jung, see also Young;
Liese, see Lease;
Miller, see also Moeller and Mueller;
Mueller, see also Miller and Moeller;
Olson, see also Ohlson;
Reardon, see Riordan;
Reuss, see also Rice;
Rice, see also Reuss;
Schaefer, see Shafer and Shaffer;
Schmidt, see also Smith;
Schneider, see also Snider and Snyder;
Snider, see also Schneider.

The list that follows shows the death date as listed in the book along with the surviving spouse if it was listed in the directory.

Beemer, Levi S., Died March 17, 1912, Age 78.

Beemer, Mary C., (wid Levi S.), residence 210 Braasch Ave.

Burton, Etta, (wid Joseph), residence 112 S. 13th.

Burton, Joseph, Died Dec. 27, 1911, Age 59.

Cantwell, Mary, (wid Thomas C.), residence 202 N. 8th.

Cantwell, Thomas C., Died April 15, 1911, Age 57.

Clark, Henry C., Died June 18, 1912, Age 56

Clark, Nora, (wid Henry C.), residence 707 S. 3rd.

Degner, Julius, Died Nov 4, 1911, Age 77.

Degner, Wilhelmina, (wid Julius), boards at 418 S. 5th.

Eberly, George T., Died Jan. 31, 1911, Age 73.

Eberly, Lydia, (wid George T.), residence 1 block north of E. Norfolk ave. [Park Add.].

Hagey, Wm. H. H., Dr., Died Oct. 8, 1911, Age 70.

Jansen, Herman, Died Feb. 14, 1912, Age 72.

Jansen, Julia, (wid Herman), residence 312 S. 11th.

Kampman, Annie, (wid Conrad R.), restaurant 1211 Cleveland, residence 1224 S. 1st.

Kampman, Conrad R., Died Oct. 14, 1911, Age 45.

Law, Wm. H., Died June 15, 1911, Age 79.

Light, Joseph A., Died April 4, 1911, Age 57.

McGrane, John F., Died march 9, 1912, Age 40.

McGrane, Vina M., (wid John F.), residence 1109 Cleveland

Maass, Amelia, (wid Wm.), boards at 705 S. 4th.

Maass, Wm., Died April 9, 1911, Age 75.

Machmueller, August C., Died Jan 25, 1912, age 51.

Machmueller, Minnie, (wid August C.), residence 1102 Blaine.

Meister,  Anna, (wid George T.), residence 407 N. 11th.

Meister, George T., Died Jne 21, 1912, Age 45.

O’Brien, Mary, (wid Michael), residence 504 S. 7th.

O’Brien, Michael, Died Aug. 13, 1911, Age 74.

Rainbolt, N. A., Died Feb. 21, 1912, Age 70.

Rudat, Augusta, Mrs., Died Jan. 21, 1912, Age 54.

Schram, Charles, Died July 2, 1911, Age 60.

Schram, Minnie, (wid Charles), residence 506 S. 3rd.

Shaw, Clarence F., Died March 21, 1912, Age 42.

Shaw, Grace A., (wid Clarence F.), residence 613 S. 8th.

Show, Levi, Died June 15, 1911, Age 89.

Shurtz, John S., Died May 12, 1912, Age 83.

Siecke, Charles L., Died Jan. 7, 1911, Age 73.

Siecke, Dora M., (wid Charles L.), residence 407 Lincoln Ave.

Warnstedt, Emma, (wid Theodore C. A.), residence 418 S. 3rd.

Warnstedt, Theodore C. A., Died July 18, 1911, Age 48.

Widaman, Wm. H., Died June 18, 1912, Age 72.

Zastrow, Amelia, (wid Wm.), residence 417 S. 4th.

Zastrow, Wm., Died May 16, 1911, Age 70.