Deaths, Buffalo County, Nebraska

This listing shows the name of the county followed by the past and present cities for the county.  The county seat is enlarged.

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Buffalo Co. Amherst     Buda     Denman    Elm Creek     Gibbon                  Glenwood Park      Kearney    Luce     Majors    Miller     Nantasket    Odessa       Optic     Peak     Pleasanton    Poole     Ravenna     Riverdale     Saint Michael     Sartoria       Shelton     Sweetwater     Watertown

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Death and Funeral Notices in the Norfolk Daily News  Norfolk, NE.

The format will be Name, City, Date of Paper, Page Number


Willis Kirkpatrick, Kearney, NE., Dec. 15, 2006, page 2


Michael Carruthers, Minden, NE, Battle Creek, NE., Jan. 13, 2007, page 8

Andrea Lovejoy True, Bloomfield, NE., Kearney, NE., Jan. 17, 2007, page 6

Aleen J. Siegel, Tilden, NE., Kearney, NE., Nov. 6, 2007, page 5


Bill Aschoff, Kearney, NE., Nov. 12, 2011, page 2