People in Schoolcraft township 1893

Schoolcraft Township   Madison County, Nebraska

The following comes from the book The Franciscans in Nebraska by The Rev. Eugene Hagedorn, O. F. M. This book was published in 1931. In Chapter 22, St. Francis De Sales Church, Schoolcraft, Madison County the names that follow where found. The names are typed as found in the book. In looking at the other material in this chapter it was found that the successor to Father Bonaventure was the Rev. Valentine Dorenkemper, O. F. M. in January, 1893.

List of Fifty-Seven Families at Schoolcraft

(By Fr. Bonaventure, O. F. M.) (Note: this list was made before 1893)

Patrick Manning,
Frank Murphy and Helen Brock,
Wm. Jilg and Mary Frisch,
Peter Finnegan and Brodget Rooney,
Peter S. Carraher and Mary Ryan,
Jacob McMahon and Sara Carey,
Wm. Gossen and Margaret Doran,
Frank Dietterich,
and Mary Bolz,
Joseph Gampa and Johanna Fietter,
John O’Brien and Bridget Roch,
Joseph Clinch and Mary Barron,
Patrick Carraher and Mary Sidley,
John Casey and Helen Green,
Mathias Herda and Anna Ambroz,
Joseph Kuhash and Katherine Kooridoa,
Jacob Holy and Mary Kooridoa,
Jacob Blazny and Catherine Bashtish,
Joseph Kinklar and Mary Wyt,
Thos. Lestina and Veronica Vlazny,
Frank Ambroz and Anna Lazena,
Frank Broz and Elizabeth Nachazel,
Jacob Carrol and Mary Tully,
Jacob Hartlitzki and Catherine Dusa,
Thos. Carraher and Catherine E. Silk,
John Francis Dvorak,
Joseph Schuyler and Catherine _______,
John Kukra and Frances Sasha,
Adalbert Brozek,
Francis Ambroz and Mary Sitza,
Joseph Brozek and Mary Pracma,
Joseph Dworik and Frances Richeka,
John Rasenshek and Anna Jedlicka,
Joseph Vech and Barbara Shamonoa,
Jacob Ambroz, and Mary Broz,
Andreas Boncar and Catherine Bomba,
Joseph Panek and Elizabeth Dworik,
Joseph Psoda and Mary Dobruska,
Joseph Chutka and Rosa Bolek,
Justus P. Carraher and Catherine Cunningham,
Joseph Vlazny and Elizabeth Ambroz,
Carl Schider and Cecilia Niesner,
Frank Hauck,
widow Anna Kolar,
Michael Nemecz and Anna Kamis,
John Groz,
Christian F. Baish and May Kuech,
Joseph Pospisil and Frances Chrastil,
Frank Duffy and Helen Casey,
Joseph Storek and Mary Adamek,
Wenceslaus Adamek and Mary Duklansky,
Frank Broz Jr.,
John Dvorak,
Joseph Lewis and Eleanore Mulvihill,
Albert Lovelace and wife.