Marriages, May 1902

Judge Bates issued marriage licenses this week to the following:                                     Job Harper and Flora V. Morgan, Platte County;                                                          Charles E. Palmer and Agnes J. McCallum, Emerick;                                                     Willis I. Stirk and Laura Ward, Battle Creek;                                                                    Harry Hemleben and Minnie M. Kost, Norfolk;                                                                 Adolph Mijck and Elizabeth Hassman, Kalamazoo;                                                        Frank Z. McGinnis and Minnie A. Miller, Warnerville.                                                         Source: The Madison Mail, Friday, May, 2, 1902, page 5

Marriage licenses were issued by Judge Bates this week to the following parties:        Corties L. Daniel and Anna E. Clayton, Battle Creek;                                                  Edward N. Vail and Mae A. Templin, Norfolk;                                                               Fredrick C. Prauner and Minnie Beerman, Battle Creek.                                              Source: The Madison Mail, Friday, May 9, 1902, page 5