Battle Creek Inventor

John W. Kovalek gets patent for machine

Is to adjust wagon Axles

Hubs and Axles of Wagons and Buggies can be Rigidly tightened by the new device of the Madison county Blacksmith Has Another

Battle Creek has an inventor.  John W. Kovalek is that same.  He has just received notice from Washington from his attorneys, C. A. Snow & Co., that his patent on a device for adjusting hubs and axles on buggies and wagons, was granted a week ago today, January 10, 1905.  Mr. Kovalek was in Norfolk yesterday. The machine which has been reeled out of the brain of the Madison county man at Battle Creek is so arranged that, by tightening up screws that adjust the axles, any loosed hubs are immediately pulled rigidly together, saving rattling and unnecessary wear and tear.

Mr. Kovalek invented the machine last year and applied for his patent on August 20, 1904. Since that time is has been going through the course of events in officedom at Washington. The machine will either be sold by Mr. Kovalek or it will be manufactured by himself and sold. He is pleased with the success of the device and his friends in the county are glad for him. He has another patent pending, which will likely be ready before long. Mr. Kovalek is a blacksmith at Battle Creek and has lived there for years. On the patent sheet the names of T. M. Morris and Herman Hogrefe appear as witnesses.

Source: The Norfolk Daily News, Tuesday January 17, 1905 on page 3.

Battle Creek H. S. 1940

Battle Creek H. S. Will Graduate 37

Commencement Exercises will be held Friday Evening, May 17

Battle Creek, Neb., May 6, Special to The News: Commencement exercises of Battle Creek high school will be held Friday evening, May 17, in the school auditorium at which time a class of thirty-seven seniors, the largest in the history of the school, will receive diplomas. There are twenty boys and seventeen girls.

Excerpt from: The Norfolk Daily News, Monday May 6, 1940, page 5.

Battle Creek, NE. Business 1896

Battle Creek, Nebraska Business Directory 1896

Compiled by Richard R. Strenge


The following is written as shown in the Battle Creek Enterprise Friday, Jan. 31, 1896, on page 7.  The spellings are copied as found in the paper.

Avery, J. L., real estate

Baker, L. B., lumber, grain, elevator,   coal

Barnes, Wm. A., dry goods, groceries, etc.

Bates & Maas, (Wm. Bates, Otto H. Maas), real estate

Battle Creek Creamery and Live Stock Co., officers mentioned elsewhere

Battle Creek EnterpriseR. D. Scott, pub.

Battle Creek House, D. L. Best, prop.

Battle Creek Republican, O. F. Montross, pub.

Battle Creek Sugar Beet Co., officers mentioned elsewhere

Beck, Phil, constable

Blohm, Henry, beekeeper

Braisher, J. S., harness maker

Brechler & Merz, hardware, prop  mentioned elsewhere

Clark & Kent, (Miss Daisie Clark, Miss Agnes Kent), dressmakers

Claus, Herman, shoemaker

Curas, Thomas, janitor public school bldgs.

Craig, W. W., carpenter

Connelly, M. J., carpenter

Daniel, I. J., physician

Day, W. C., station tel and ex agt.

Dennis, E. G., justice of the peace

Dittrick, Joseph, blacksmith and wagon shop

Doering, M. G., Prof, teacher Lutheran school

Dugher, Thomas, dry goods, groceries

Dufphy, J. H., livery barn

Edens, Henry, carpenter

Flood, Jennie Miss, milliner

Fuerst, W. B., groceries

Gardels, J. R., constable and well digger

Giblin, C. R., city marshall

Hale, F. J., live stock shipper

Hedman, Charles A., hardware

Hichborn, Charles, watchmaker

Hoffman, J., Rev., Pastor Lutheran Church

Hoover, W. _, house painter and decorator

Ingoldsby & Co., (P. H. Ingoldsby, P. Brecheisen), liquor dealers

Inkley, S. C., breeder of hogs and horses

Jardee, John, carpenter

Kilburn, Hiram H., attorney

Klindt & Gosch, (Wm. Klindt, Chris Gosch), liquor dealers

Knesel, J. L., real estate

Knesel, M. E., Mrs., milliner

Livingston, Chris, barber

Maas & Haman, (Otto H. Maas, Chas. T. Haman), drugs

Maher, W. J., barber

Martin, S. E., Mrs., grocery, restaurant

Miller, Howard Co., lumber, coal, grain

McFarland, A. M., Rev., Pastor Baptist Church

Moyer, A. G., mayor, meat market

Neagele & Zimann, meat market

Neely & Eaton, roller mills

Reavis, W. F., agricultural implements

Reif, Henry, Mrs., milliner

Rhynn, F. F., mail carrier

Scott, R. D., postmaster

Shown, Thomas L., restaurant

Steffen, August, furniture, undertaker

Schocker, John, brickmason

St. Lawrence, Father Rev., Pastor Roman Catholic Church

Taylor, W. R., deputy postmaster

Tanner, Edward, physician

Thomsen, M. L., dry goods, groceries

Venable, Geo. S., collection agent

Venable, W. A., brickmason

Walker, J. N., livery stable

White Drug Co., T. L. White, prop.

Wilcox, J. H., Rev., Pastor M. E. Church

Werner, Herman, carpenter

Wink, Henry, carpenter

Young, Wm., harness maker

Zimmerman, Geo., agricultural implements


Dry Hollow School

Can You Beat This?

Miss Izola Higbee has been appointed teacher of the Dry Hollow school, north of Battle Creek, for the ensuing year.  Her mother, Mrs. Audrey Higbee, taught this school, her grandmother, Mrs. Martha Cloyd, her great aunt, Mrs. Olive Cloyd and her aunt, Miss Cora Cloyd, were all teachers of this school.

It looks as tho the Cloyd family and their descendants have a mortgage on this school.  We see no reason why they should not have one.  They all made good, and we feel sure that Izola will be a worthy successor of those who blazed the trail.

Source:  Meadow Grove News, Thursday July 12, 1928, page 1.