A look at Newman Grove

All of the items below were taken from Newman Grove, Nebraska 1888–1988 Centennial book.

First Ordinances       The newspaper, the New Era, published March 12, 1888, the first ordinances. Some that were listed were: A dog license tax was made. The duties of the Marshall were laid out.   E. J. Crockett was appointed Village Marshall. Every male 21-50 is required to work or get a substitute for two days labor on the streets, alleys and highways. Failure to do so carried a fine. A prison was to be built at a cost of no more than $100. Also the Plat fixing the territory of Newman Grove.

The Early School Years      The first frame school was built in 1899, replaced with a brick structure by 1907-08. A new grade school was built in 1919-20.

Population Census           A look at the population showed that in 1888 it was 200-300. In 1900 it was 696. Then in 1910 it showed it to be 850. The highest it reached was in 1920 with a population of 1260. 

The Businesses in 1902        3 Doctors         1 Dentist            1 Lawyer

3 Real Estate Firms          3 Blacksmith Shops       3 Livery Barns

2 Newspapers                  8 General Stores            3 Hardware Stores

2 Drug Stores                  3 Elevators                       1 Flouring Mill

2 Saloons                      1 Shoe Shop                      1 Tailor

2 Barber Shops              2 Millinery Stores               2 Meat Markets

2 Banks                           2 Dressmaking Stores       4 Livestock Buyers

1 Photo Studio                 1 Auctioneer                      1 Hotel

3 Restaurants                   1 Creamery                   1 Jewelry Store

3 Confectionery Stores     2 Harness Shops          4 Implement Houses

1 Carpet Factory             1 Butter and Egg Store      1 Veterinary Surgeon

4 Carpenters and Builders                                        1 Manufacturing Company

Gas Lights       In December 1905, Newman Grove received gas for gaslights for stores and streets. The Gas Company closed in the late teens, when electricity came.

Herman Quelvog did electrical wiring in 1918.

In 1887, Monroe Smith and Fuller sold lumber in “Old Town,” then joined Herman Saare in a new location. Thomas Ostergard established a Grain, Lumber and Coal Business in the town’s early days. He with Wm. Fried of Fremont built the largest elevator in 1887. Mr. Ostergaard died in 1899. After Mr. Ostergaard death, George Johnson took over the business. John Sanderson assisted with the elevator and grain, and Andrew Anderson was in charge of the lumberyard. Mr. Johnson came from Fremont and had been with the Citizen’s State Bank. He was public spirited in helping the community to grow.

Furniture Store      It is reported that Charles Bosler operated a furniture store in 1887. Canute John From established a furniture store in 1889 and operated until his death in 1947. Ted Jacobson began working in the furniture store in 1919.  He assumed management upon Mr. From’s death and became owner upon Mrs. From’s death in 1952.

Early in Newman Grove history        Gunder Thompson had an ice business.  He had large quantities to be sold to residents during the summer months. In June 1911 he sold his ice business to F. L. Widergren and Son but took it over in 1917. Ralph Cain purchased the business from Gunder Thompson when he had a restaurant and bakery in the late teens.

A news item from the Newman Grove Era in 1892:     The ice harvest on Shell Creek commenced the week of January 20th. It was of extra good quality about 16 inches in thickness and was shipped to neighboring towns.