Land, Township information


Various information on land and townships for Madison county, Nebraska.


This is how the sections are numbered within each township:

Top is north

6           5          4          3          2           1

7           8          9         10        11         12

18          17       16         15         14        13

19          20        21        22         23        24

30         29         28        27         26        25

31        32          33       34         35         36

Each section is 1 square mile in size. Each section contains 640 acres.
Each section can be divided into one-fourths (quarters).
This would be shown as NW 1/4 or NE 1/4 or SW 1/4 or SE 1/4.
This makes each quarter section of land 160 acres in size.
You can further breakdown the size by 1/4’s to obtain 40 acres.
This can be broken down further by 1/4’s to obtain 10 acres of land.

Madison county {precincts} townships

R – Range      W – West        T –  Township        N – North


R 4 W                         R 3 W                       R 2 W                   R 1 W

Jefferson                  Deer Creek                Valley                    Norfolk           T 24 N

Grove                      Highland                      Battle Creek         Warnerville     T 23 N

Emerick                   Schoolcraft                  Fairview                Union             T 22 N

Shell Creek              Kalamazoo                 Green Garden       Madison         T 21 N


1 Link = 7.92 Inches
1 Rod = 16 ½ Feet
5 ½ Yards = 25 Links
1 Chain = 66 Feet = 4 Rods = 100 Links
1 Furlong = 660 Feet = 40 Rods
1 Mile = 8 Furlongs = 320 Rods = 80 Chains = 5280 Feet
1 Square Rod = 272 º Sq. Feet = 30 º Sq. Yards
1 Acre = 43,560 Square Feet
1 Acre = 160 Square Rods
1 Acre is approximately 208 æ Feet Square
1 Acre is 8 Rods x 20 Rods
(Or any two numbers of Rods whose product is 160)


                 Terms used in Register of Deeds office

Abutting Owner: One whose land is contiguous to (abuts) a public right of way.

Access Right
: A right to ingress and egress to and from one’s property. May be
expressed or implied.

Administrator’s Deed
: A Deed issued by the Administrator of an estate.

Adverse Possession
: A method of acquiring title by possession under certain
conditions. Generally, possession must be actual, under claim of right, open,
continuous, notorious, exclusive and hostile (knowingly against the rights of the owner)
in Nebraska.

Cloud of Title
: An Invalid encumbrance on real property, which if valid, would affect the rights of the owner. For example: Tim sells Lot 1, Block B to Bob. The deed is
mistakenly drawn up to read Lot 1, Block A. A cloud is created on Lot 1, Block A by the
recording of the erroneous deed. The cloud may be removed by Quitclaim Deed or, if
necessary, by Court action.

: The taking of private property for public use without the consent of the owner, but only upon payment of just compensation.

Conservator’s Deed
: Deed issued by a court appointed Conservator (Guardian) of an estate. (May involve an incompetent person or a person under age [minor]).

Construction Lien
: See Mechanic’s Lien.

Corporation Warranty Deed
: Deed used when property is sold out of a Corporation.

Corrective Deed:
The recording of a Deed for a second time to correct an error made in the deed when originally recorded.

: Instrument used to convey interest in real property.

Deed of Distribution
: Deed issued by Personal Representative of an estate.

Deed of Trust
: Instrument used in place of a mortgage. Property is transferred to a
Trustee by Borrower in favor of the lender. Released by Deed of Reconveyance by

Defective Title
: Title to real property which lacks some of the elements necessary to
transfer good title.

: A right created by grant, reservation, agreement, prescription, or necessary implication, which one has in the land of another. Either for the benefit or access, or public utility, etc.

: Generally, construction onto the property of another, as of a wall,
fence, building, etc.

: A claim, lien, charge, or liability attached to and binding real property.
Any right to or interest in, land which may exist in one other than the owner, but will not
prevent the transfer of the title.

Equitable Interest
: Interest by one who does not have legal title, such as a vendee
under a land contract.

: The market value of real property, less the amount of existing liens.

Evidence of Title
: A document establishing ownership to property. Most commonly, a

Executor’s Deed
: Deed issued by the executor of an estate.

Federal Tax Lien
: A lien attaching to the property for nonpayment of a federal tax.

Fee Simple
: An estate under which the owner is entitled to unrestricted powers to
dispose of the property, and which can be left by will or inherited. Commonly, a
synonym for ownership.

: Recorded

Filing Information
: Information stamped on the original document received by the
Register of Deeds showing date and time or recording, as well as Book and page,
Instrument No. or Microfilm location of instrument. All recorded instruments contain filing information.

Final Decree
: A decree completely deciding all pending matters before a court.
Financing Statement: Document having a Debtor/Creditor relationship. If filed against
the real estate, it is considered a lien upon the real estate.

: A proceeding in or out of court, to extinguish all rights, title, and interest,
of the owners of property in order to sell the property to satisfy a lien against it.

Free and Clear
: Real property against which there are no liens, especially voluntary

: One to whom a Grant is made, generally the buyer.

: One who grants property, or property rights.

Inheritance Tax Lien
: A Tax on the transfer of property from a deceased person.

: That which cannot be revoked or recalled, such as certain trusts, contracts or other legal relationships.

: Without leaving a will. Property of the estate passes by the laws of
succession rather than by the direction of the deceased.
Involuntary Lien: A lien such as a tax lien, judgment lien, etc., which attaches to
property without the consent of the owner, rather than a mortgage lien in which the
owner agrees.

Joint Tenancy
: An undivided interest in property, taken by two or more joint tenants.
The interests must be equal. Upon the death of a joint tenant, the interest passes to the
surviving joint tenants, rather than to the heirs of the deceased.

Joint Tenancy Warranty Deed
: Deed conveying interest to 2 or more people (usually husband & wife) where upon the death of one of the parties, the deceased person’s interest passes to the surviving joint tenants. (If Deed does not recite “as joint tenants” then grantees hold title as Tenants In Common).

: The decision of a court of law. Money judgments, when recorded, become
a lien on real property of the defendant.

Judgment Lien
: A lien against the property of a judgment debtor. An involuntary lien.

Land Contract
: An Installment Contract for the sale of land. The seller has legal title until paid in full. The buyer has equitable title during the contract term.

: An agreement by which the owner of real property (lessor) gives the right of
possession to another (lessee) for a specified period of time (term) and for a specified
consideration (rent).

: An encumbrance against property for money, either voluntary

Life Estate
: An estate in real property for the life of a living person. The estate then
reverts back to the grantor or on to a remainderman.

Lis Pendens
: A legal notice recorded to show pending litigation relating to real property, and giving notice to anyone acquiring an interest in said property subsequent to the date of the notice may be bound by the outcome of the litigation.

Mechanicís Lien
: A lien created for the purpose of securing priority of payment for the price of value of work performed or materials furnished in construction or repair of
improvements to land, and attaches to land as well as the improvements.

: Instrument by which real estate is used as collateral to borrow money.

Notice of Default
: Notice filed to show that the borrower under a Mortgage or Deed of Trust is in default.

Party Wall
: A wall erected on a property boundary as a common support to structures
on both sides, which are under different ownerships.

Patent Deed
: Conveyance from the government, issued to homesteaders who have
made final payment as evidenced by the Final Receipt.

: Continuing forever. Legally, pertaining to real property, any condition
extending the inalienability of property beyond the time of a life or lives in being plus 21

: The boundary lines of a parcel of land.

Personal Representative’s Deed
: Deed issued by the Personal Representative of an estate.

: A map dividing a parcel of land into lots, as in a subdivision.

Power of Attorney
: An authority by which one person (principal) enables another
(attorney in fact) to act for him.

Prescriptive Easement
: The granting of an Easement by a court, based on the
presumption that a written easement was given, (although none existed), after a period
of open and continuous use of the land.

: Originally, the proving that a will was valid. Modernly, an action over which
probate court has jurisdiction.

Property Line
: The boundary line of a parcel of land.

Public Dominion Land
: Lands belonging to the federal government, not reserved for
government use, but subject to sale or other disposal.

Quarter Section
: One quarter of a section, containing 160 acres.

Quiet Title
: Court Action to establish ownership of real property.

Quitclaim Deed
: Deed operating as a release, intended to pass any interest in a real
property, but not containing any warranty. May be used to clear up clouded title.

: Filing documents affecting the real property as a matter of public record.
Recorded Documents must be witnessed and notarized.

: The one entitled to the remainder. (Ex: Sam deeds to Jim, Lot 1, but
Sam retains a life estate in the property. When Sam dies, Jim, the remainderman owns
the property exclusively).

: Capable of being revoked.

Right of Way
: A strip of land which is used as a roadbed, either for a street, or railway. The land is set aside as an easement for fee, either by agreement or condemnation. May also describe the right itself to pass over the land of another.

Security Agreement
: Document having a Debtor/Creditor relationship. May be Chattel Mortgages, Financing Statements, inventory Liens, etc. If filed against the real estate, it is considered a lien upon the real estate.

Sheriff’s Deed
: Deed give at a Sheriffís Sale in foreclosure of mortgage.

Special Warranty Deed
: See Warranty Deed.

State Tax Lien
: A lien attaching to the property for nonpayment of a state tax.
Subordination Agreement: An agreement by which an encumbrance is made subject
(junior) to a junior encumbrance.

Substitution of Trustee
: A document which is recorded to change the trustee under a Deed of Trust.

Survivorship Warranty Deed
: Deed in which the surviving grantee receives interest of deceased grantees (See also Joint Tenancy Warranty Deed).

Tax Deed
: Deed from tax collector to governmental body after a period of non-payment of taxes according to statute.

Tenancy in Common
: An undivided ownership in real estate by two or more persons. The interest need not be equal, and, in the event of the death of one of the owners, no right of survivorship in the other owner exists.

Treasurer’s Deed
: Deed conveyed by the County Treasurer in lieu of Tax Foreclosure.

Trustee’s Deed
: Deed used when property is sold out of a Trust (must be signed by

Trustee’s Deed
: Deed by a Trustee under a Deed of Trust, issued to a purchaser at
auction, in pursuant to foreclosure.

: Purchaser or buyer, especially on a land contract.

: The person who transfers property by sale. Another word for “seller”.
Commonly used in land contract sales.

: Present ownership rights, absolute and fixed. Modernly, ownership rights,
even though on a land contract or subject to a mortgage or deed of trust.

Voluntary Lien
: A lien placed against real property by the voluntary act of the owner.
Most commonly, a mortgage or deed of trust.

Warranty Deed
: Deed to convey title in a real property containing warranties.









Pioneer Farm Family awards

The following names come the newspaper “Norfolk Daily News”, Saturday, June 3, 2000 on page 2. These are the ones who were given the award in 2000 and are the area recipients for 19 counties. “In order to qualify, a parcel of land must have been owned consecutively by members of the same family for at least 100 years.” This list will be as listed in the newspaper by county then by name and city.

Antelope — Allen & Janice Dozler, Elgin; Dale Johnson,  Brunswick; Lehr Farms,                               Omaha; Willie Shrader, Ewing; Robert Scott, Tilden; Bill & Nancy Wylie,                           Elgin

Boone — CK Farms Incorporated, Albion; Mildred Greitens, Petersburg;                                         Mrs. Warren Wilton, Petersburg

Boyd — Donald & Joan Hoffman, Omaha; Thomas & Joanne Langan, O’Neill;                               Walter & Lucille Motacek, Spencer; Alberta Sieler, Lynch

Burt — Virginia Follstad, Whitewater, Wisconsin

Cedar — Kathleen Brodersen, Yanton, South Dakota; Dalton Gillilan, Wausa;                                Claire & Norma Janssen, Coleridge; John and Norbert Leise, Wynot;                                David & Marlene Pick, Coleridge; Larry & JoAnn Rathgeber, Coleridge

Cherry — Claude & Bruce Reyman, Wood Lake; Mary Carr Swendener, Mullen

Colfax — Emil & H. Nadine Beran, Howells; Eugene & Jerane Figgner, Fremont;                             Duane Horn, Schuyler; Leonard Shonka, Schuyler

Cuming — Mark Harstick, West Point; Brian & Doreen Fischer, West Point;                                       Marcella Schlecht, West Point; Amos & Laverne Schulzkump, West Point

Dixon — Walter & Dorothy Hale, Allen; Lavern & Opal Harder, Wayne;                                            Leroy & Helen  Hoesing, Newecastle; Edwin & Esther Schwarten, Emerson;                    Jerry & Karma Thomas, Newcastle

Dodge — Ronald Dames, Scribner; Anna Mae Elkmeier, Dodge; Lou Kroenke, Dodge;                   Robert & Louella Larsen, Fremont

Holt — Kenneth Coolidge, Lincoln;  Edward & Margretha Kaczor, O”Neill;                                     Walter Kollman, Atkinson; Albert Thoendel, Ewing;                                                             Norman & Genelle Trowbridge, Page; Widtfeldt Trust, O”Neill

Keya Paha –Denis Palmer, Springview; Gerald & Lois Titus, Springview;                                               Brad Weston, Boyne City, Michigan

Knox — Roger & Cindy Effle, Orchard; Merle Milne, Creighton;                                                      Brandon Novak, Yankton, South Dakota; Robert & Norma Morrill, Creighton;                   Janice Peed, Verdigre

Madison — Janet Heath, Cedar Bluffs; Donald Koenig, Newman Grove;                                              Danny & Peggy Patzel, Newman Grove

Pierce — Scott & Constance Bloomquist, McLean; Arvid & Sharon Monson, Wausa;                       Dennis Wacker, Osmond

Platte — Dennis & Norene Kuhr, Creston; Jerry & Darlene Herchenbach, Humphrey;                     Marilyn Theilen Vrana, Aurora

Rock — Allen Sybrant, Bassett

Stanton — Mardelle Gnirk, Hoskins; Esther Roker Wantlin, Stanton;                                                   Margaret Schellpeper, Stanton

Wayne — Dennis & Gloria Evans, Winside; Norman Haglund, Wayne;                                             Zita Jenkins, Wayne; Kathleen Karr Caughenour, Cheyenne, Wyoming;                           Dallas & Marcella Schellenberg, Winside






The following list of names was obtained from the newspaper
“The Madison Star-Mail”, Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016 on page 4

“In observance of Veteran’s Day Friday, Nov. 11, the Madison Star-Mail recognizes past and present Madison veterans and military personnel.  If there are names omitted, let us know. Casualties are marked with an asterisk(*).”

The war and years listed was the heading for the names that followed in the paper.

{ Note: Numbers have been added to the war listing in order to place the names in alphabetical order.

The * in the listing below is shown after the number.  In the newspaper it was before the name. In the paper it was listed by first name and last name with the heading of the war they served under. In the list below it will be by last name, first name, number and then * when it was in the newspaper.

A name may appear more than once in the listings below. The names were typed as found in the newspaper. The listing below has been alphabetized.}

 1.  Civil War Veterans 1861 – 1965
  2.  Spanish American War Veterans 1898
  3.  Mexican Border War Veterans 1914 – 1917
  4.  World War I Veterans 1917 – 1918
  5.  World War II Veterans 1941 – 1945
  6.  World War II Women
  7.  Korean War Veterans 1950 – 1953
  8.  Vietnam War Veterans 1961 – 1975
  9.  Panama Operation Just Cause Veterans 1989
10.  Gulf War Veterans 1991
11.  Global War on Terrorism 2001 – TBA


Abts, Wm. 1
Acklie, Roger 8
Acklie, Roger 8
Adair, Damian 11
Adams, Donald J. 7
Addyman, Sidney 5
Adkins, Don 7
Alberts, Conner 11
Albracht, James 5
Albracht, Ralph 5
Albracht, Ron 8
Albracht, Wayne 8
Allen, Wm. 1
Altschuler, Charles 5
Altschuler, Henry 3
Ambroz, Merle D. 5
Andersen, Dennis 8
Anderson, Homer 7
Anderson, Brady 11
Anderson, Brian 11
Anderson, Don 7
Anderson, Donald Alois 5
Anderson, Dustin 11
Anderson, Floyd “Shorty” 5
Anisworth, Milton 7
Arbuthnot, David 8
Arkfeld, Wm. 8
Armagast, Laurence 3
Armagast, Laurence 4
Armagast, Ralph 3
Arness, Seth 1
Aschoff, Gerald 8
Ashbrenner, Fred 1
Austin, Kelly 4
Austin, Monworth 4
Avery, Orville “Shorty” 5

Ballard, Richard 1
Ballou, Forrest 3
Ballou, Gordon 3
Ballou, Scott 4
Bals, Fred 4
Bals, Robert, Sr. 5
Bane, William 11
Barcus, Heath 11
Barette, Eugene 5
Barker, Keith 4
Barnes, George 5
Barney, Herman 1
Barrett, Dale 5
Bartak, David R. 8
Bartak, John R. 8
Bartak, Lambert 5
Bartak, Robert C. 5
Bartak, Robert G. 8
Bartak, Ronald 8
Bartak, Wm. 5
Bartels, Archie 5
Bartels, Stanley 5*
Basse, Guy 4
Basse, Kermit 5
Basse, Max 5
Bates, George 4
Baumann, Allen 5
Bead, Jack 5
Bead, Roger L. 8
Bean, Gerald 5
Bean, Howard 5
Becker, Henry 1
Becker, Virgil 8
Becker, Willis 5
Beckner, Dalls 5
Belling, Adolph 4
Belling, Ludwig 4
Beltzer, E. E. 5
Bender, Carl 4
Bennett, W., 4
Benning, Donald 5*
Best, Melvin 5
Bichlmeier, Gerald 5
Bickley, Arnold 8
Bickley, Art 8
Bierman, Aruthr 5
Bippes, Bruce 10
Blank, Donald 7
Blank, Elmer 5
Blank, George 5
Bley, Louis 1
Boe, Dick 3
Boesch, Joseph 3
Bohn, Louis 4
Bordwell, Daniel 1
Botsch, Walter
Bowling, Kirby 11
Boyer, Floyd 5
Boyer, George 5
Boysen, Edwin 5
Boysen, Erwin 5
Boysen, Richard 5
Breidert, Clarence 5
Bretschneider, Arnold 5
Brewer, Dick 7
Brewer, Lloyd 5
Bring, Gary 8
Brockhaus, Bill 7
Brockhaus, Bob 7
Brockleman, Clarence 4
Brogan, James 5
Brom, Eldon 5
Brom, Frank 5
Brom, Larry 8
Brosh, Allen 5
Brown, Archie 4
Brown, Asher 5
Brown, Roy 3
Brown, Roy 4
Brucklander, Chad 10
Buettner, Durwin 7
Bunik, Don 7
Bunik, Joe 5
Buresh, Jerome 5
Busteed, John 5
Busteed, Wm. 4

Calder, Aaron 11
Callies, Wm. 7
Calpin, George 1
Carlock, Chester 5
Carlock, Donald 5
Carman, F. B. 4
Carson, Ben 4
Carson, Elmer 4
Carson, H. H. 1
Carson, Howard 4
Carson, Howard 5
Carson, John 5
Carson, Oliver 3
Carson, Richard 3
Carson, Roy, 4
Carson, William H. 8
Carstens, Bob 8
Carstens, Clarence 5
Carstens, Guy 5
Cato, Albert 4
Cato, Harry 4
Cavanugh, Corey 11
Chada, Charles 2
Chadwick, Bob 11
Chadwick, Doug 11
Chapman, Alvin 5
Chapman, John 4
Chapman, Virgil 5
Chittenden, Alden 4
Choutka, Allan 8
Christian, Ezra 4
Claus, Arland 7
Claus, Homer H. 7
Claus, Robert 7
Claus, Walter E. 4
Clausen, Justin 11
Claussen, Harold 5
Cleveland, James 1
Cleveland, Nathaniel 1
Clough, Ray 5
cloward, Kevin 11
Coast, Shawn 11
Coble, Gary 8
Coble, Jerry 8
Coble, Larry 8
Coble, Terry 8
Cole, Edmund 1
Coleman, Tuttle 1
Coles, Alva 5
Collins, Cloyd 4
Collins, Ray 4
Colyd, Joe 1
Combs, Cyril 4
Conley, Frank 4
Copeland, Ralph 5
Copland, Dorothy 6
Cornell, Doand 5
Cornell, Lee 5
Coughtry, Lester 8
Cox, Malcomb 4
Craig, H. A. 2
Cramer, Fred 1
Cubbison, Merle 5
Cunningham, August 1
Cunningham, Harry 1
Cunningham, Pete 5

Daberkow, Jesse 11
Dale, Hervey 5*
Davidson, Houston 2
Davies, Owen 5
Davies, Robert 5
Davis, Howard, 4
Davis, John 1
Davis, Roy 4
Dawson, Darrell 8
DeGroot, Tom 8
DeGroot, Wm. 5
Denker, Jackie 10
Denker,Bob 8
Dickey, Doyle 5
Dickey, F. M. 1
Dickey, George 3
Dickey, Jack 5
Dickey, John 2
Dickey, Ralph 3
Diers, Harold 4
Dieter, Jerome 5
Dieter, John 5
Dietz, Guy 5
Dietz, Nathan 5
Dietz, Robert 5
Dittberner, Clarence 5
Dittberner, Frank 4
Dittberner, Jack 7
Dittberner, Larry 8
Dohman, Dick 7
Dohmen, Trenten 11
Dohnalex, Joe 5
Donald, Dean 5
Donner, Eric 11
Donovan, Archie 3
Donscheski, Charles 5
Donscheski, Richard K. 7
Donscheski, Robert 5
Donscheski, Wm. T. 5
Dooley, David 11
Dopson, Floyd 3
Dopson, Floyd 4
Dopson, Frederick 5
Dopson, Max 5
Dopson, Virgil 5
Dorado, Mariano 11
Douglas, John 1
Dover, Harlow, Jr. 7
Dover, James 3
Dover, John 3
Dover, Ralph 4
Dover, Wayne 5
Dover, Willard 4
Dowling, John 5
Dowling, Millard 5
Downs, Craig 10
Drahota, Sean 10
Drake, Hugh 3
Dreuppel, Gottrief, 4
Droescher, Carolin 11
Duffield, Joe 4
Dufphey, J. B. 4
Duhacek, John 4
Durham, Thomas J. 5
Durkee Stanley 4
Durkee, Jim 5
Dusel, Nicholas 4
Dvorak, Adolph 5
Dvorak, Thomas 3

Earl, George 1
Ebeler, Walter A. 5
Eberley, George 3
Eggleston, A.,M., Rev. 4
Ehlers, Jerome 5
Eisenmann, Don 7
Emery, Edwin 1
Esh, Harvey 2
Eucker, Carl 5
Eucker, Eldor 5
Ewing, Ben 5
Ewing, Eugene 5
Ewing, Joseph 8
Eyl, Arland 5
Eyl, Norman 5

Faes, Jesse 3
Faes, Jesse 4
Farrel, Maurice 5
Farrel, Thomas 5
Farrel, Wm. 5
Fayres, Joe 4
Feiling, Lawrence 5
Fenton, Bill 8
Fichter, Jacob 1
Field, Harold “Buck” 5
Filbert, Calvin 5
Fillinger, Harold 5
Fillinger, Wayne 5
Finkral, James 5
Finkral, John 8
Fischer, Laurence 5
Fitch, Guy 4
Flack, Joseph 5
Flynn, Bob 4
Foster, Bobby L. 7
Fox, Carl, 5
Franek, Rudolph 3
Frank, Richard 11
Fraser, Anthony 1
Fraser, Daniel 2
Fraser, James 5
Frauendorfer, Alvin 7
Freudenburg, Aaron 11
Freudenburg, Aaron 11
Freudenburg, Bob 8
Freudenburg, Earl 7
Freudenburg, Ernest 4
Freudenburg, Lyle 5
Freudenburg, Marv 8
Freudenburg, Melvin 7
Freudenburg, Neal 7
Freudenburg, Richard 7
Freudenburg, Wayne 7
Fricke, Albert 4
Fricke, Cecil 4
Fricke, Edwin 4
Frisch, Joe 5
Frisch, Laura 11
Fuchs, Edward 4
Fuchs, John 3
Fuchs, Richard 4
Funk, Edward 1
Funk, Henry 4
Furley, Kirstina 11
Furley, Richard 7

Gadbois, A. F., Dr., 4
Gall, Herb 8
Ganser, Donald 5
Ganser, Howard 4
Ganser, Joe 5
Ganskow, Bradley 11
Garrard, Miles 11
Garrett, Melvin 4
Garrett, Ralph 4
Garvey, Andrew 5
Garvey, Robert 5
Gates, Ward 4
Geary, Bill 5
George, John 2
Gerken, James 5
Gerken, Joe 5
Gibbs, James 2
Gill, Barney 4
Gillepie, Victor 4
Gillespie, O. H. 4
Ginn, Robert 5
Glasser, Wayne 7
Godemann, Jeff 10
Gonzalez, Miguel 11
Gookin, Ancil 5
Graber, Bob 7
Graves, Burt 4
Graves, H. A. 4
Graves, Jay 5
Graves, Ralph 3
Greudenburg, Glen 7
Groff, Golden 1
Gronau, Arthur 3
Gronenthal, Greig 10
Gronke, Herman 4
Gross, Amanda 11
Gross, Jim 11
Gross, Milton 5
Gross, Willard 5
Gullicksen, Justin 11
Guzman, Vincent 11

Haack, Andrew 11
Haack, Gilbert 5
Hahn Ralph C. 7
Hahn, Lee 7
Hahn, Wayne H. 7
Hake, Richard 8
Hake, Rndy 8
Hale, David 1
Hale, David 1
Hamilton, Robert 5
Hamilton, Robert 7*
Hana, Leroy 5
Hanke, Dale G. 5
Harmas, A. F. 4
Harms, Rudolph 4
Harms, Wm. 3
Harper, Ford 4
Harris, Herman 4
Harrison, Reed 4?
Harry, George 3
Harvey, Leonard 4
Haskins, Horace 4
Hassler, Shannon 11
Hastreiter, Anton 4
Hatzell, George 1
Hayden, W., 4
Hayes, Oliver 4
Heggemeyer, Elroy 7
Heggemeyer, Gene 8
Hegr, Donald 8
Hegr, Edwin 5
Hegr, Edwin 8
Hegr, Emil 5
Hegr, Frank 5
Helfrisch, Donald 5
Helfrisch, Wayne 5
Helmberger, Harvey 5
Helmberger, Robert 5
Henderson, Jacob 2
Hendricksen, Bob 4
Henery, Dylan 11
Heng, Larry 8
Henry, Hilmer 5
Henry, Oliver 5
Herden, Clarence 5
Herfel, John 11
Hernandez, Severo 11
Herrmann, Raymond, Jr. 7
Hetrick, Eli 2
Hide, Kenneth 5
Higby, Nathan 11
Hight, Clarence 2
Hill, Roland, 3
Hintz, Carl 5
Hintz, Clarence 5
Hintz, Gilbert 5
Hintz, Lyle Martin 5
Hintz, Walter, 5
Hobbs, Britton 5
Hobbs, H. B. 4
Hobbs, Harry 3
Hochstein, Justin 11
Hodson, David 4
Hoelscher, Elmer 5
Hoelscher, Lester 5*
Hoferer, Nathaniel 11
Hohn, C. 4
Holmberg, David C. 7
Holmberg, Ruth “Lynn” 10
Holt, Oscar 5
Homan, Glee B. 5
Hornas, A. F. 4
Hornash, F. 4
Horsham, Jack 5
Horsham, John 4
Horst, Leonard 4
Hoskinson, Bob 5
Hoskinson, Chuch 7
Hoskinson, Edward 7
Hoskinson, Nettie 5
Hoskinson, Tom 5
Housel, Chester 5
Housel, Eugene 4
Housel, Harlen V. 4
Housel, Vern 4
Howe, John 5
Howe, Vernon 5
Huddle, Donald S. 5
Huddle, Lawrence 5
Huddle, Stuart 3
Huisman, Gerhardt 7
Humaran, Vanessa 11
Hurley, James 11

Imhoff, Carl 5
Imhoff, Edwin 5
Irwin, Rex 4

Jackson, Hayden 4
Jacobi, Anthony 5
Jacobi, Harvey 5
Jacobi, Theodore 5
Jacobsen Harry 5
Jacobsen, Ralph 5*
Jacobsen, Robert 5
Janovec, Leonard 5
Jansen, Chris 11
Jansen, Christopher 11
Jansen, Connie 11
Jansen, Marvin 7
Jantzen, Elmer 5
Jarchow, Steve 8
Jenkens, Levi 1
Jenkins, Eddie 5
Jenkins, George 5
Jenkins, Levi 5
Jensen, Melvin J. 7
Johnson, Gene 5
Johnson, L. A. 4
Johnson, Lavern 7
Johnson, Stanley 4
Johnson, Wm. 4
Jones, Abraham 1
Jones, Alden 4
Jones, Floyd E. 4*
Jones, James R. 4
Jones, Stephen 1
Jorgensen, Scott 11
Joska, Anton 5
Joska, James 5
Joska, Joseph 5
Jostes, Leonard C. 5
Juirgens, Robert, Sr. 8
Jurgens, Ronald E. 8
Jurgensen, Merle 8
Jurgensen, Merle L. 8

Kalmer, Dan 1
Kamrath Cecil, 4
Kamrath, Wilford 5
Karella, Anastas 5
Kasik, Gene 5
Kautzman, A. C. 4
Kayl, Reinhold 4
Kennedy, Edward 4
Kernick, Charles 4
Kernick, Edward 5
Kernick, Everette 4
Kernick, Russel 5
Ketelsen, Lauren 5
Kielty, Doug 7
Kielty, Tom 4
Kilgore, Alvin 5
Kilgore, Jim, Jr. 5
Kilmer, Julius 5
Kilmer, Virgil 5
Kinder, J. R. 4
King, Eugene 5
King, James 5
King, W. M. 1
Kingham, Ashley 11
Kinnett, Sam 11
Kkollars, Dale G. 7
Klawonn, Lawrence 5
Klawonn, Theodore “Ted” 5
Klein, Jacob 11
Klein, Melvin 7
Klein, Ruben 5
Kline, D. W. 4
Kloke, Ed 5
Klug, Raymond 5
Knapp, Elmer 5
Knapp, Eugene 7
Knapp, Orville 7
Knapp, Willard 5
Koenig, Brian 11
Koenig, Christopher 11
Koenig, David 11
Kohl, Clifford 4
Kohl, Donald 5
Kohl, Jean 5
Kohl, Richard 3
Kokhl, Gene 5
Kollars Daniel L. 8
Kollars, Jim 8
Kollars, Virgil 5
Kolm, Cory 11
Kolm, Douglas 8
Kolzow, George 4
Kortman, Chris 5*
Kramer Joe 4
Kramer, Joseph 3
Kreidler, J. E. 4
Kreidler, Willard 5
Kreitman, Paul 5
Krings, Raymond 8
Kriss, Harry 3
Krueger, Gus 5
Kruid, Tim 11
Kruiz, Martin 5
Kruse, Bruce 9
Kruse, Virgil 5
Kuchar, frank 5
Kuchar, Jerry 8
Kuchar, Leonard 5
Kugler, Elmer 5
Kurcera, Willis 7
Kurchar, Dan 7
Kyncl, Edward 5
Kyncl, James 8
Kyncl, Joe 5

Lachnit, Arnold 3
Lafleur, Bill 7
Lafleur, Guilleaume 5
Lafleur, Jim 7
Lamb, Charles 3
Lammers, Gregory 11
Langon, J. M. 4
Lapour, Jerry 10
Larsen, Arvid 5
Lathan, Hoyt 5
Lee, Art 7
Lefavor, Wilber 5
Lefavor, Willis 5*
Leffers, Leonard 7
Lehman, Delbert 5
Lehman, Delbert 5
Lehman, James 5
Lemke, Theodore 5
Lenser, Ervin 5
Lenser, Henry 5
Lenser, Paul 5
Lich, Gary 7
Lieber, Paul 5
Linlay, Paul 4
Linstedt, Wm. 5
Lintner, Bob 5
Little, John 1
Long, Fred 8
Long, G. D. 4
Long, Lawrence 5
Long, Leo 4
Long, Wm. 5
Longacre, Darold 8
Loomer, Allen 4
Louden, Nick 11
Lovell, Alfred 3
Lovell, Roy 4
Lowenburg, Dan, Jr. 5
Lowman, Gladys 6
Luden, Leo 5
Lynch, Allen 4
Lyon, Bruce 7
Lyon, Bruce 8
Lyon, Darrel 7
Lyon, David 8
Lyon, Don 8
Lyon, Larry 7
Lyon, LeRoy 7

Machua, Isvi 11
Makelin, Glenn 5
Malone, Edmund 5
Malone, Mark 5
Malone, Partick 5
Malone, Thomas 5*
Maloney, R. A. 1
Maloney, Richard 4
Mandelko, Max 5
Marchand, Wayne 8
Marquardt, Charles 5
Marquardt, Dan 5
Marquardt, Dean 5
Masur, Eugene 5
Masur, John 5*
Masure, Larry 8
Matheews, James 1
Matheson, Earl 4
Matheson, Kenneth 5
Mathews, Charles 4
Mathews, Gene 4
Mathias, Ludwig 4
Mathies, Louie 3
Maurer, Larry 7
Maurer, Robert C. 7*
Mavis Kenneth “Pete” 5
May Josiah 11
Maybon, Don 7
Mazuch, William 5
McCartney, Vern 3
McClain, B. J. 7
McClain, B. J. 8
McClain, Joseph 10
McCurdy, Thomas 5*
McElhoes, John 1
McElhoses, S. J. 2
McGill, Hugh 5
McGill, Martin 5
McGill,Richard 7
McIntosh, David 11
McKnight, Harold, 5
Meisinger, Arlie 7
Meisinger, Vernon 7
Metschke, Ivan 5
Mewhorter, Clarence A. 3
Meyer, Albert 4
Meyer, August 3
Meyer, Gordon 7
Meyer, Wm. J. 8
Meyers, Dale 7
Michaels, Robert D. 7
Millan, Deyci 11
Miller, Andy 4
Miller, Fay 5
Miller, Gerald W., 5
Miller, Harold 5
Miller, Harry 5*
Miller, Harry 8
Miller, Jack 5
Miller, James 5
Miller, Jerry 8
Miller, Jeston 10
Miller, Jeston 11
Miller, Lester 5
Mimick, Pete 7
Minarik, Mike 4
Mittleman, Herman 4
Mock, Evelyn 6
Moehnert, Ernest 4
Moehnert, Ewald 5
Moening, Arno 5
Moening, Edwin 5
Montgomery, Donald E. 5
Morrison, Jason 11
Morse, Kevin 11
Mortimer, George 4
Morton, Harry 4
Moses, Reed 4
Moyer, Earl 4
Moyer, George, Sr., 4
Moyer, Harold 4
Moyer, Jon 7
Mueller, Fred 4
Mullens, Lyle 5
Murphy, Lester 5

Nahrstedt, Clarence 4
Nahrstedt, Dale 5
Nahrstedt, Verl 5
Nathan, Ardell 7
Nathan, Cris 10
Nathan, Everett 5
Nathan, Ralph G. 5
Nathan, Robert 8
Nathan, Roger 8
Nathan, Walter 5
Neely, Gerald 5
Neely, Merle 5
Neidig, Bryce 7
Neidig, Ed 11
Nelson, Duane A. 8
Neuhalfen, Colin 11
Newman, John 3
Nichols, Joseph 1
Nichols, Reuben 1
Nichols, Roger 5
Niedfelt, Teresa 10
Noble, Patrick 11
Novotny, Joe 4
Novotny, John 4
Noyes, Darrel, 5
Nuckles C. M. 4

Ochsner, Malynn 11
Ochsner, Morris 8
Ochsner, Tim 10
Ogan, Aaron “Bud” 5
Ogan, Harold “Hardie” 5
Ogan, Raymond “Swede” 5
Ogan, Robert “Bob” 7
Olin, Peter 2
Olmer, Marvin 8
Olmer, Melvin 8
Olson, Justin 11
Olson, Marvin 5
Ondracek, Jerry 5
Ondracek, Rudolph 5
Orlowski, Joe 10
Orlowski, John “Jack”, Sr. 8
Ortiz, Saul 11
Osborn, Glen C., Jr. 7
O’Shea, Dick 5
O’Shea, Paul 4
O’Shea, Tom, Jr. 4
Osten, Terry 11
Oswald, Jon 11
Otterpohl, Henry 3
Otterpohl, Henry 4
Otterpohl, John 3

Palmateer, H. R. 4
Palmer, Harry M. 4*
Palmer, Jack 5
Panek, Myles 5*
Parr, Gus 7
Patzel, Donald 5
Patzel, Edward 7
Patzel, Robert 5
Payder, Donald 5
Penney, Perry 2
Penney, Wm. 2
Perdue, Robert 8
Perina, Lambert 5
Petersen, Adolph C. 4
Petersen, Keith C. 8
Petersen, Keith S. 5
Peterson, C. T. 4
Peterson, Don 4
Peterson, Don 5
Peterson, Emil 3
Peterson, Frank 2
Peterson, Henry 3
Peterson, Henry 4
Peterson, Jack 5
Peterson, Keith C., Jr. 8
Peterson, Otto 4
Peterson, Robert 5
Peterson, Vern 5
Peterson, Willard 5
Pettit, Ralph 5*
Pettit, Robert 5
Pfeifer, David 7
Pfeifer, Jesse 11
Pfeifer, Marvin 7
Piper, Charles 3
Pittack, Wilber 5
Planer, Rod 11
Plugge, Allen 5
Plugge, Dale 5
Plugge, David 8
Pojar, Charles 5
Pokorney, Chad 11
Polenske, Alfred 4
Polzin, Ralph M. 5*
Pool, James L. 5
Pospisil, Reuben 5
Prachar, Gordon 5*
Prather Michael 8
Prather, Daniel 11
Prather, Derald 5
Prather, Oscar 4
Prather, Willard 4
Prauner, Ron 11
Preister, Jeremy 11
Preuss, Carl H. 5
Preuss, Clyde 5
Preuss, William J. 8
Purdy, Earl 5
Purdy, Herbert 2
Purdy, Leroy 7
Purdy, Ronald 8
Purtzer, Dean 5
Purtzer, Ed 5
Purtzer, Gus 4
Purtzer, Gustave 3
Purtzer, Horace 5
Purtzer, Jean 5
Purtzer, Oscar 4
Purtzer, Walter 4
Purviance, Mark 5
Putman, Jerry 10

Rabe, Donald R. 5
Rabge, Donald R. 5
Radant, Oscar 4*
Radant, Oscar 5
Raguse, G. H. 5
Railes, Donald W. 7
Rajsky, August J. 4*
Rajsky, Richard 4
Rakkowsky, Ernest R. 8
Rakowsky, arland 8
Rakowsky, Darwin 7
Ramsier, Charles 5
Ramsier, Richard 7*
Ranney, Clyde 4
Rasmussen, Casper 4
Ray, David 8
Ray, George 1
Ray, Robert 5
Ray, Steven 8
Ray, Thomas 5
Reed, Harrison 4?
Reed, Larry A. 9
Reed, Mosses 1
Reeker, Earnest 4
Reese, Harry 4
Reese, Melvin 5
Reevees, Ed 4
Reeves, Arvin H. 7
Reeves, Derrel 5
Reeves, Duane 8
Reeves, Earl 7
Reeves, Earl H. 7
Reeves, Elmer H. 5
Reeves, Joe 4
Reeves, Leo 5
Reeves, Manville 4
Reeves, Moody 5
Reeves, Willis 7
Reid, Spencer K. 4
Reifengberg,Leslie 3
Reigle, Elmer 5
Reigle, Kenneth 7
Reihart, Lemar 5
Reikofski, Clyde 5
Reinhardt, Emil 3
Reinhardt, Emil 4
Reinhardt, Otto 3
Reinhart, Ambrose 5
Reitzle, Fritz 4
Renner, Edwin 5
Renner, Ralph 5
Reynolds, Burch 4
Reynolds, Leonard 4
Rhine, Isacc 1
Rice, R. W. 4
Richard, Les 5
Richardson, Charles 1
Richardson, Glenn 5
Ridder, Theodor H. 7
Ridder, Theodore 5
Riehart, Oliver 7
Riley, Walter 2
Rios, Henry 11
Risse, Henry 4
Robbins, Destrey 11
Roberts, Brett 11
Robertson, Durwood 5
Robinett, Jonathan 11
Rodriguez, Raul 11
Rollman, Tim 8
Rotherham, Bob 8
Rotherham, Maurice 5
Rotherham, Robert W. 8
Rottler, Bill G “Willis” 7
Rottler, Bill G. “Willis” 5
Rottler, Jesse C. 5
Rottler, Vern C. 5
Roush, Ronald 5
Rowlet, Howard 5
Rowlet, Wm. 5
Rowlett, Archie 4
Rowlett, Edwin 1
Rowlett, Ezekiel 1
Rowlett, Lloyd 4
Rowlett, Weldon 5
Ruder, Freddie 5
Ruh, Kurt 11
Ruh, Shane 11
Ruhl, H. E. 4
Rummans, Abner 1
Russell, Wm. 1
Rynearson, Wm. 3
Rynerson, Waldron 5
Rynerson, William 5

Saldana, Humberto 11
Sanderson, Francis 5*
Schade, Fritz 3
Schade, Fritz 5
Schade, Opa 6
Schade, Robert 7
Schaffer, Doug 8
Schaffer, Douglas 8
Schaffer, Jerry 8
Schaffer, William 8
Scheer, Edgar 5
Scheer, Irvin 5
Scheer, Jerry 8
Scheer, Lester 5
Scheer, Vern 8
Schelby, Floyd 5
Schiffbauer, Alfred 4
Schiffbauer, Bill 7
Schlender, Leroy 5
Schlender, Liewellyn 5
Schmer, Philip G. 5
Schmidt, A. C. 4
Schmidt, Herbert Herman 5
Schmidt, John 7
Schmidt, Louis 5
Schmidt, Luke 11
Schmidt, Scott 11
Schmidt, Wm. 3
Schmitt, Cecil 5
Schmitz, Joe 5*
Schmitz, Joe 8
Schmitz, John 5
Schmitz, Raymond 5
Schmitz, Tim 7
Schmitz, Tim 8
Schomer, Shawn 11
Schroeder, Alvin D. 8
Schroeder, David 10
Schroeder, Ron 8
Schroeder, Ron 7
Schroeter, Paul 5
Schulz, Arnold 5
Schulz, Kenneth L. 5
Schulz, Otto V. 5
Schulz, Robert V. 8
Schutt, August 4
Schwank, Frederick 5
Schwartz Ervin 7
Schwartz, Ed 4
Schwartz, Eugene 7
Seevers, Ernest 5*
Seevers, Vernon 7
Seier, Bill 11
Seifert, Brett 11
Seiler, Raymond 5
Seyersdahl, August 4
Seyersdahl, Carl 4
Seyersdahl, Grover 5
Seymour, Dorothy 6
Seymour, Richard 5
Sharar, Floyd 3
Sherlock, Guy 4
Shupe, Greg 8
Sieverding, Fritz 5
Simonik, Frank 3
Sims, Arthur 2
Sjuts, Larry 9
Skala, Charles 3
Skiff, John 5
Slizoski, Angelique S. 8
Smart, Edward 4
Smith, Arthur 3
Smith, Arthur 4
Smith, Bernard E. 7
Smith, Clyde 4
Smith, Frank 4
Smith, Fred 4
Smith, Howard 4
Smith, Reno 3
Smutny, James 8
Smutny, Ludvik 5
Smutny, Rudolph 5
Smutny, Rudolph E. 8
Snaderson, James 5
Sohl, Blake 11
Sohl, Clarence 5
Sohl, Edgar 5
Sohl, Kenneth 7
Sokol, Joe 3
Solomon, Earl 4
Solorio, Pablo 11
Spence, Dewey 3
Sprague, Terry 8
Springer, John 4
Spulak, Clarence 5*
St. Clair H. 4
Staack, Glenn 5
Staack, Wm. 5
Staib, Bernard E. 7
Stairs, A. C. 4
Stalnaker, Gordon 5
Stalnaker, J. L. 4
Steen, Alexander 2
Steinbaugh, Gerald 5
Steinbeck, Grace 6
Stenberg, Alice 6
Stenberg, E. A. 5
Stephen, John 7
Stephen, Joseph 5
Stephen, Vincent 5
Stephenson, Edward 3
Sterner, Alfred 4
Sterner, Greg 8
Sterner, Irvin 5
Sterner, Wes 8
Sterner, Willis 5
Sterner, Willis 7
Steuerwald Henry 4
Steuerwald, Henry 3
Stevens, John E. 4
Stevens, Lavern 5
Stevens, Raul 11
Stewart, Dale C. 7
Stible, John 1
Stiles, Vaughn L. 7
Stockwell, James 5
Stockwell, Reed 5
Stolle, John 1
Stork, Bill 5
Stork, Warren 5
Stork, Willis 5
Stracke, Eugene 5
Stringfield, Vern 7
Strother, Kenneth 4
Stroud, Charles 4
studts, David J. 8
Studts, Fred 4
Studts, John 5
Studts, Paul R. 8
Studts, Wm. 4
Sucadahl, Joe 4
Summers, Ronald 8
Sunderman Lester 5
Sunderman, Alfred 5
Sunderman, Jacob 11

Taylor F. H. 4
Taylor, Donald 5
Taylor, Elbert 5
Taylor, Otis 4
Tegner, Fred 2
Tetzloff, Elmer 5
Tetzloff, Lawrence 5
Thatch, Andrew 1
Thatch, Andy 5*
Thatch, Irvin 4
Thatch, Michael 8
Thatch, Samuel 1
Thatch, William 5
Thomas, Maurice 5
Thompson, Archie 3
Thompson, Leland 5
Thompson, Toby 4
Thomsen, Donald 7
Thomsen, Lloyd 7
Throckmorton, Kenneth 5
Tibbs, Clyde 3
Tighe, Leo 5
Tilleman, Norman L. 8
Timperley, Andrea 11
Tonyon, Joe 3
Tousignant, Robert 5
Trammel, Leonard 3
Trine, Eugene 7
Trine, Keith 5
Trine, Stuart 5
Turley, Blaine 5
Turnus, Eugene 5
Turnus, Jerome 5

Underberg, Dean 5
Underburg, Fred 4
Underwood, Charles 4
Underwood, John 4
Unger, Jim 8
Unger, Josiah 11
Uphoff, Richard 5
Upton, Dean 5
Upton, Eugene 5
Upton, Harley 5
Upton, Richard 4
Utter, W. H. 1

Vacha, Ken 8
VanDementor, John 2
VanOwen, Richard 5
VanOyen, Harold 5*
Vasicek, Jerry 5
Vasicek, Roger 8
Vavrick, Eddie 5
Verplank, Alfred 4
Vogt Michael 8
Vogt, Michael 8
Volverton, Steve 8
Vonderohe, Clarence 5
Vonderohe, Edwin 5
Vonderohe, Elmer 5
Voss, Edward 5
Voss, Elmer 5*
Vrzal, Edward 5

Wagner, J. F. 1
Wakeley, Bruce 5*
Walkenhorst, August 4
Walkenhorst, Ben 11
Walkenhorst, Dale 5
Walkenhorst, Neal 5
Walkenhorst, Richard 5
Walkenhorst, Wayne C. 5
Walker, Frank 5
Walters, Norman 5
Walz, Leonard 5
Ward, Gerald 8
Ward, Gerald 8
Warner, Frank 4
Warrick, Charles 5
Waybright, Ray 4
Weaver, Frank 3
Webb, Bob 5
Webb, Faye 5
Webb, Willard 4
Wedekind, Glen 5
Wedekind, Kevin 11
Wehrle, Alf “Spud” 5
Wehrle, Charles, Jr., 4
Wehrle, David 8
Wehrle, LeRoy 7
Wehrle, Wesley 7
Weidner, Arthur J. 7
Weidner, Joe 3
Weidner, Shane 9
Weidner, Victor 3
Weigel, Reinhold 5
Weiland, Anthony 5
Weiland, Francis 5
Weiland, Gilbert 5
Weinberger Jim 8
Weinberger, Cletus 5
Weinberger, George 4
Weinberger, Wm. 4
Welis, Darwin 1
Welis, John 1
Wellmore, Herron 2
Wells, Jack 5
Wells, Mike 10
Wells, Nate 11
Werkmeister, Doug 7
Werkmeister, Gerry 8
Werkmeister, L. 5
Werth, Carl 5
Werth, Ralph 5
Wertheim, Aley 1
Wessel, Josh 11
Wessel, Myron 5
Wessel, R. H. 2
Westcott, J. 1
Westcott, Tom 1
Wetjen, Edward 5
Wetzler, Charles 4
White, Delvin 7
White, Jack 2
Wichman, Allen 11
Widhalm Ted 8
Wilcox, F. 3
Wilcox, Golden 5*
Wilhelm, L. J. 4
Willer, Chris 10
Willer, James 8
Williams R. J. 4
Williams, Charles 7
Williams, H. E. 4
Williams, Jace 11
Willis, W. T. 1
Wils, Dr. 4
Wilson, E. O. 4
Wiltman, Brad 11
Wiltman, John 11
Witzel, Dennis 8
Wolf, F. A. 4
Wolfgram, George 5
Wolfgram, Robert 8
Wolfgram, Ron 8
Woodbury, Terry 8
Woods, George 2

Young, Allen 5

Zaura, Fabian 5
Zaura, Halmer 5
Zaura, Kasimer 5
Zaura, Verne 5
Zeman, John 5
Zessin, Claretta 6
Zessin, Dean 8
Zessin, Robert 7
Zessin, Walter 5
Zessin, Willard 5
Zieg, Charles 4
Zingg, Jerome 5

U. S. Veterans

The following list of names are from the newspaper “Norfolk Daily News”  in a special photo tribute section. The date of the paper was Thursday, November 3, 2016.

In the listing below it will be by surname, name, branch of service and the years of their service.

Adams, Marvin E., Navy, 1945 – 1946
Aldag, Dennis, Navy, 1960 – 1966
Austin, Wayne, Army, 1951 – 1953

Barron, Sierra, Air Force, 2014 – present
Beckman, Bernard A., Army, 1941 – 1944
Bettin, Roger, D., Army, 1967 – 1969
Bippes, Bruce E., Navy, 1990 – 1995
Blakeman, Glen E., Air Force, 1951 – 1955
Boeshart, Dean, Navy, 1961 – 1965
Bossom, Oliver, Army, 1943 – 1946
Botsch, Walter J., Army / Air Force, 1941 – 1943, 1943 – 1946
Brabec, Dean J., Army, 1964 – 1966
Brewer, Dick, Army, 1951 – 1953
Brewer, Lloyd, Merchant Marines, 1944 – 1946
Briard, Kathleen, Air Force, 1945 – 1947
Broekemeier, William G., Army, 1950 – 1952
Brogren, Louis H. Army, 1941 – 1945
Brummels, Vernon, Army, 1942 – 1945
Brunckhorst, Harold, Army / Navy, 1953 – 1958, 1958 – 1962
Budin, Lloyd L., Army, 1943 – 1945
Burmester, Hans, Army, 1952 – 1954
Butterfield, Leonard D., Army, 1966 – 2006

Callies, Charlotte, Armyh, 1957 – 1959
Carlson, Melvin G., Army, 1944 – 1946
Chamberlin, Dale, Army, 19768 – 1974
Chewning, Patricia Gnirk, Army, 1984 – 1987
Clark, Dale, Army, 1967 – 1969

Detlefsen, Darrell W., Marine Corps, 1964 – 1968
Dobias, Raymond, Marine Corps, 1951 – 1953
Doering, Roger W., Army, 1962 – 1964
Doerr, Harold, Army, 1951 – 1953
Doescher, Merlyn A., Army, 1952 – 1954
Dreesen, Francis J., Army, 1951 – 1953
Dressen, Kenneth J., Army, 1952 – 1953

Entrekin, Tyler, Air Force, 2011 – present
Ernesti, Richard, Army, 1953 – 1955

Feddern, Robert, Army, 1958 – 1962
Feddern, Roger, Navy, 1962 – 1966
Ferguson, Tate, Navy, 2014 – present
Fisher, Donald, Air Force, 1946 – 1949
Fleming, Dennis, Army, 1965 – 1967
Fox, George E., Sr., Army Air Force, 1941 – 1945
Fox, James O., Air National Guard, 2006 – present
Freudenburg, Lyle, Army, 1945 – 1947

Gansebom, Delmer, Army, 1952 – 1954
Gates, Eugene, Army, 1955 – 1957
Giese, LeRoy, Army, 1951 – 1953
Gnirk, Barbara, Navy, 1981 – 1985
Gnirk, Edward A., Army, 1952 – 1954
Gnirk, Michael, Army National Guard, 1984 – 1985
Goodman, Paul J., Navy, 1942 – 1945
Griel, Joseph, Navy, 1962 – 1966

Halsey, E. Dwaine, Army, 1951 – 1953
Hanlin, Evan, Air National Guard, 2008 – present
Hansen, Donald E., Army, 1943 – 1969
Harvey, Harlon N., Navy, 1941 – 1945
Harvey, Thomas, Army, 1967 – 1997
Hazzard, Cody, Army, 2016 – present
Heckman, Lee, Army, 1967 – 1969
Hendrix, Rodney, Army, 1968 – 1971
Hetzler, James, Army, 2007 – 2013
Hille, Jonathan, Army National Guard, 1997 – 2005
Hoggins, Kyle, Marine Corps, 2013 – present
Hupman, Lynette Gnirk, Army National Guard, 1974 – 2003
Huse, Jerry, Navy, 1945 – 1946

Ingraham, Dick, Army, 1955 – 1957

Jepsen, Bill, Army National Guard, 1978 – 2013
Johnson, Gerald D., Navy, 1943 – 1946
Johnson, Willard M., Air Force, 1943 – 1950
Jonas, Alvin J., Army, 1950 – 1956

Kampwerth, Aaron, Army, 2005 – 2016
Kampwerth, Celia, Army, 1993 – 1997
Kaspar, Wayne E., Army, 1941 – 1944
Keck, Darrell L., Army, 1957 – 1959
Kirsch, Greg, Marine Corps, 1966 – 1969
Knudsen, Roman W., Army, 2010 – present
Kohler, Jack, Navy, 1942 – 1946
Kopietz, Jerrod, Marine Corps, 1997 – present
Korth, Derek, Army, 1983 – 1989
Korth, Frank, Navy, 1966 – 1970
Korth, Louis, Navy, 1984 – 1990
Korth, Sean, Army, 1986 – 1990
Kramer, Marvin, Army, 1951 – 1953
Kremlacek, Monte L., Air Force, 1988 – 1992

LaCroix, Raymond R., Navy, 1942 – 1964
Lammers, Francis, Army, 1944 – 1946
Leise, Harold F., Army, 1945 – 1946, 1950 – 1951
Lemm, Catherine, Navy, 1960 – 1963
Lemmn, Dale, Marine Corps, 1959 – 1963
Letheby, Earl, Navy, 1943 – 1946
Leu, Phillip J., Army, 1958 – 1961
Lichtenberg, Don, Navy, 1951 – 1954
Lingenfelter, Chad A., Army National Guard, 1991 – 2016
Lingenfelter, Nick A., Army, 1994 – 2003

Marr, Emily, Air Force< 2002 – present
Marten, Monte, Army, 1967 – 1969
Martinez, Kerry C., Army / National Guard, 1970 – 1972, 1980 – 2002
McConnell, Dean, Army, 1943 – 1945
Meis, Maria, Army National Guard, 2015 – present
Miller, Donald C., Air Force / Army, 1951 – 1952, 1954 – 1956
Miller, Lowell M., Army, 1949 – 1951
Monson, Warren W., Army, 1956 – 1958
Moritz, Mason S., Navy, 1940 – 1945
Mosel, Roger L., Army, 1953 – 1955
Muehlmeier, Gerald, Army, 1963 – 1966
Murphy, Brock, Navy, 1995 – 1998
Murphy, Connie, Army, 1953 – 1955
Murphy, Courtney, Army, 2011 – 2015
Murphy, Dennis, Army, 1997 – 2014
Murphy, Frank, Army, 1951 – 1953
Murphy, Henry J., Army, 1955 – 1957
Murphy, James P., Navy, 1958 – 1962
Murphy, Kevin, Navy, 1984 – 2004
Murphy, Mike E., Army, 1997 – 2005

Neuhalfen, Caleb, Army, 2013 – present
Neuhalfen, Zachary L., Army, 2011 – present

Olson, Jaret, Army, 1987 – 1990
Olson, Landon, Army, 1997 – 2000
Olson, Leif, Marine Corps, 1985 – 2006
Olson, Preston, Army, 1986 – 2008
Olson, Ray, Navy, 2013 – present
Olson-Zampino, Katie, Army National Guard, 2003 – 2009

Parks, LeRoy V., Army, 1944 – 1946
Pick, Jim, Army, 1967 – 1968
Pochop, Allan, Navy, 1959 – 1967
Praeuner, Arland W., Navy, 1944 – 1946

Qualls, Brian A., Navy, 2011 – 2015

Real, George H., Navy, 1949 – 1952
Reeves, Leo F., Army, 1942 – 1946
Reeves, Paul, Air Force, 1997 – present
Reigle, Kenneth G., Army, 1951 – 1952
Repenning, Daniel, Army, 1953 – 1954
Roberts, Tom, Army, 1954 – 1962
Rosner, Tyler, Navy, 2012 – present
Rupprecht, John A., Army, 1942 – 1946
Ryan, Harold R., Army, 1946 – 1951
Ryan, Michael L., Army, 1969 – 1972

Sanne, Joe, Air Force, 1954 – 1966
Schlehuber, Matthew, Army, 1998 – present
Schlehuber, Richard, Army Air Corp, 1941 – 1945
Schlote, Dustin E., NE. National Guard, 2001 – present
Schwartz, Loyd E., Army, 1941 – 1944
Scott, Henry R., Army, 1965 – 1967
Sehi, Steve, Air Force, 1978 – 1988
Shoemaker, Rex A., Army, 2007 – 2015
Simpson, James A., Air Force, 1973 – 1977
Sparr, Rodney W., Army, 1965- 1967
Staib, Bernard E., Army, 1951 – 1952
Starkel, Henry, Army, 1958 – 1968
Steckelberg, Dallas, Navy, 1967 – 1969
Steckelberg, Kenneth, Navy, 1945 – 1946
Stelling, Leland, Army, 1953 – 1954
Steward, Eric J., Army, 2008 – present
Steward, Nicole M., Army, 2014 – present
Steward, Rick L., Air Force, 1982 – 2002
Stoakes, Clair E., Army, 1942 – 1945
Straka, Robert, Army, 1952 – 1954
Sullivan, Larry, Army, 1964 – 1967

Tennes, Bridget Murphy, Army, 1999 – 2003
Tennes, Steve, Marine Corps, 1999 – 2003
Tenski, John, Army, 1942 – 1945
Tenski, Ray, Navy, 1955 – 1957
Titman, Kenneth E., Army, 1939 – 1946
Thun, Patton W., Air Force, 1989 – 1996
Tichota, Ralph J., Army, 1969 – 1970
Timperley, Darrel L., Army, 1952 – 1953


Volquardsen, Samuel, Army, 2014 – present

Wachter, Richard G., Army, 1958 – 1960
Wagner, Kenneth, Army, 1965 – 1966
Warren, Merritt C., Navy, 1943 – 1946
Weidner, Arthur J., Army, 1953 – 1955
Weidner, Shane G., Army, 1986 – 1989
Wessel, Honoratus F., Army, 1952 – 1956
Wragge, Lloyd, Army / Navy, 1968 – 1970, 1971 – 1973


Young, George W., Army, 1955 – 1963

Zobel, Harland, Army, 1946 – 1947
Zumbrum, Harlan H., Army, 1952 – 1953

“The Scout”

Please contact the Boone-Nance Genealogical Society,   P. O. Box 231,  Belgrade, NE. 68623-0231 if you find anything on your family from the listing of information below.

This information comes from their publication “The Scout” in their Oct. 2013 publication.     Mrs. David F. Carnahan   { Maggie Jane (Scullen) Carnahan                                             David F. Carnahan                                                                                                                Volmer, Frank, Lucille, and Edna Galitz                                                                                   M. M. Hazel                                                                                                                              Eric Matison                                                                                                                       Richard Sexty                                                                                                                    Hope Compton                                                                                                                  Marsh Flinn                                                                                                                            Fred H. Young                                                                                                                            Mrs. John Maxwell  { Anna Dobson }                                                                                        Mrs. R. M. Everett  { Christian Larsen}                                                                                  Omar Gunderson                                                                                                                   Martin Zoucha                                                                                                                        Mrs. Mattie Vogt { Mattie Barch }                                                                                       Ernest Pickering                                                                                                                Ralph E. Pickering                                                                                                                  E. E. Hall                                                                                                                                  Mr. R. Warn                                                                                                                         James Good                                                                                                                     Sever Paulson                                                                                                                         Mrs. Mundshank                                                                                                                     E. L. Sargent                                                                                                                             Mrs. Fannie Brown { Fannie Long }                                                                                      Fid and Gwinnie Long                                                                                                            E. T. Long                                                                                                                             Mrs. M. E. Phelps                                                                                                                      Mrs. J. W. Reynoldson                                                                                                              A. C. Thompson                                                                                                                        Mrs. Geo. Strawn                                                                                                                    Mrs. Cleda Roberts

Names of School Districts and a map of Boone County School Districts

The following list is of weddings and anniversary in the paper:                                            Miss Fern A. Hill and Mr. Charles W. Martin                                                                       Miss Clara Kock and Sabastian Getzfreit                                                                            Miss Maurine Aldea Barber and Harry Edw. Hart                                                                    Miss Inga Nore and Mr. Christian Nelson                                                                            Miss Alma Nelson and Mr. Iver Nore                                                                                      Miss Carrie Barnock and Chas. Zonna                                                                                Betsey Caroline Haaver and Alvin David Freeburg                                                           Sophia Minnie Goehry and Arthur Vincent Swanson                                                          Cecilia Bessie Nerly and Peter Sandquist                                                                               Miss Maude Wagman and Louis Schoenhen                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. James McKinsie 25th anniversary                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Bruhman 25th anniversary                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. George Bowman 60th anniversary                                                                       Miss Amalia A. Reinwand and Vern E. Garten

The Lone Grave on the Hillside for Bill Delmar





Madison County & Stanton County — Nebraskana index

The index below was created by going over 1,312 pages of information to obtain this first time extraction of names from Madison county and Stanton county residence. This was done Nov. 2 – 4, 2013.

If you would like a copy of the article on any of the persons listed below please contact Allied Genealogical Search for more information.

The names listed below were extracted from the book







and shows only those names who had a residence listed in Madison or Stanton County at the time the book was printed.   A maiden name (          ) will be listed when shown in the article about her.

Silas Gilbert Allen                                           Henry Altschuler                                         Otto George Austin                                        Clement Guy Baker                                    John David Barnett                                        Henry F. Barnhart                                      Cass Grove Barns                                         Charles Cecil Barr                                         W. Glen Bell                                                  Samuel Clarence Blackman                    Clarence Leslie Brittain                                 Charles Edwin Burnham                               Gordon Bryan Butterfield                               Clinton Chase                                               Lillie Lenora (Worker) Coltman                      William Poppleton Cowan                         Daniel Craven                                                William Sherman Crook                             Edwin Elijah Crue                                          William Frederich Dahnke                             Fred J. Dankers                                             Frederick Hamilton Davis                             Irwell Montgomery Dawson                          James Mouton Doty                                  William Leo Dowling                                     George Martin Dudley                                   Frank A. Eichberg                                          Elmina Jenny (DeCamp) Fichter                   Ralph Stevenson Finley                                Frank Lee Frink                                             Phillip John Fuesler                                       Arthur Emile Gadbois                                    Edwin H. Gerhart                                          James Willis Gillette                               Oscar Gustafson                                         H. Halderson                                                 Charles Hartner                                          William Charles Hastings
John Hoaglund                                           William Robert Hoffman                                 Gene Franklin Huse                                    Frank Jensen                                                   Reuben A. Johnson                                    George Edward Kennedy                                 Otto Koehler                                               Clyde Lauren Krause                                        John August Lindahl                                   Francis A. Long, M. D.
Grant Lothrop                                             Orlando Bidwell Manville                                  Frank George Massman                            Martin Sylvester McDuffee                                Bert B. McGinnis                                       Harry Daniel Miller
Earl John Moyer                                        George H. Moyer                                         Theodore Olk                                            C. E. Plass                                                         Fay Hall Pollock                                        Frederick Homer Price                                       Forest Bourne Putney                              Alice Mae (Alstrope) Reed                                 Willis Ellsworth Reed                               Ernest Leonard Reeker                                       John D. Reid                                           Edward Samuel Rennick
R. H. Rohrke                                           John Ralph Saxton                                            Carrie Edith (Moore) Scott                      Clara Amanda (Webb) Sharp                          Lucien Stark                                           James C. Stitt                                                       Carl Strahle                                             Edward Tanner, Dr.                                              Hardin Sherman Tennant                        Edwin Carlos Warner                                        Frank Austin Warner                               John Wesley Warrick
Marie O’Donnell Weeks                          Adolph Eilert Wenke
Bernard Whitwer                                     Herbert L. Wichman













The Genevan 1921


Geneva High School Annual

Geneva, Nebraska


Fillmore County

Senior Class Members

Florence Mulligan, President

Vernon Martin, Vice President

Joe Hranac, Secretary and Treasurer

Glen Thulin                    Lawrence Buehrer                    Evelyn Heath
Mabel Rumsey              Marguerite Hourigan                  Glenn M’Coy
Lyle Ertel                       Bert Nelson                               Glenn Hill
Edna Griffin                  Clarence Weinerth                    Raymond Dondlinger
Caroline Reinsch         James Matejka                          Elsie Sole
Nelson Potter               Ethel Ford                                 Joe Coleman
Eita Griffin                    Glenn Richards                          Esther Bordner
John Katheiser             Ray Willy

Junior  Class Members

Walter Hourigan, President

Bernard Rowlison, Vice President

Lee Biester, Secretary-Treasurer

Clarice Saunders                    Eleanor Nittler                    Margaret Borland
Virginia Bumgarner                 Gaylord Spear                    Thora Mowry
Edith Converse                       George Koehler                 Jack Mulligan
Agnes Hourigan                      Wayne Delaney                  Irene Anderson
Eleanor Owens                       Harry Frantz                      James Loghry
Beulah Wells                          Dean Hill                            Louise Acker
Verl Peterson                         Cecil Richards                   Alice Vavra
Claude McDonald                  Egenia Ogg                        Loyd Russell

Sophomore Class Members

Gladys Anderson, President

Lucille Nicholson, Vice President

Rose Peterson, Secretary-Treasurer

Blanche Bobbitt                    Frances Fiegenbaum                    Clyde Gewecke
Islea Held                             Velma Kuhns                                  Robert Manning
Eva Myers                            Helen McPeck                                Verna  Nelson
John Pittard                         Maud Rumsey                                Darrell Scott
Velma Stansberry               Edmund Weis                                Gale Walton
Alva Ward                           Josie Bures                                     Leonard Goold
Gerald Geis                        Lula Ingels                                       Rose Komarek
Elton Martin                        Carol Myers                                     Mildred Moore
Bernice Pangle                  Fred Picard                                     Genevieve Rock
Lula Russell                      Waldo Schupbach                           Vincent Willy
Donald Warner                  Irene Bauer                                     Frank Bates
DeVee Hafer                     Lena Hanlin                                     Howard Davis
Ira Whipple                       Clyde Yates                                     Ada Myers
Margaret Janing               Alice Kohler                                     Merna Myers
Cecilia Griffin                    Louise Crawford                            Jessie Richards
Kenneth Wilson,              Fannie Potter                                  Bernice Nachbor
Mildred Clawson              Pearl Walker                                   William Kretke
Frank Uldrich

Freshman Class Members

Ralph Reeve, President

Dorothy Skinkle, Vice President

Edith Hranac, Secretary-Treasurer

Francis Ackland                    Willard Ainsworth                    Archie Anderson
Paul Bordner                        Lela Brown                               Arthur Bass
Zola Bedford                         Hazel Black                             Condra Clark
Leonard Case                      Melva Chesshir                        Retta Davis
Irene Eddy                            Mildred Eavey                          Harry Eaton
Zola Fogle                            Kenneth Fisher                        Velma Frantz
Georgia Gunn                      John Gewecke                         Dale Hill
Mildred Huston                    Wilma Hess                             Harry Hilton
Harold Helton                      Walter Isley                               Marie Janing
Anthony Katheiser               Merton McCartney                   Maude Owens
John Ogg                             Florence Palmer                     Marion Peterson
Rolland Propst                    Fred Rhoda                             Beulah Roles
Pearl Ray                            Glen Stoldorf                           Carl Sole
Robert Sheldon                   Norma Scott                           Joy Strong
Ruth Williams                     Madeline Wythers                   Howard Watmore
Goldie Van Patten               Hazel Van Patten                    Raymond Linderman
Ben Bruce                           Russell Battle                         Loree Waggoner





Honoring Our Heroes

This article appeared in the newspaper “Norfolk Daily News” on Saturday, May 25, 2013, page 6.

Honoring Our Heroes                                                                 Veteran’s story reflects experiences of many others by Kelsie Higgins is about Marcus “Jim” Anthony Hans who grew up on a small farm outside of Wynot, Nebraska.




Nebraska Counties and Towns

The following list shows the COUNTY with the towns in each county listed.  All of the towns listed may not be in existence today.  The county seat is in CAPITAL letters for each county..

ADAMS Co.     Ayr     Brickton     Hansen     HASTINGS     Holstein     Ingleside     Juniata     Kenesaw     Pauline    Prosser      Roseland

ANTELOPE Co.     Brunswick     Burnett     Clearwater     Copenhagen     Elgin     Frenchtown     Glenalpine     Hord Siding     Jessup     NELIGH     Oakdale     Orchard     Royal     Saint Clair     Tilden     Vim

ARTHUR Co.     ARTHUR     Braden     Carman     Collins     Cullinan     Lena     Read     Rice

BANNER Co.     Ashford     Bighorn     Epworth     Flowerfield     Freeport     Gary
HARRISBURG     Heath     Hillside     Hull     Kirk     Loraine     Van

BLAINE Co.     BREWSTER     Cooper     Dunning     Edith     Lucy     Purdum

BOONE Co.     ALBION     Boone     Bradish     Cedar Rapids     Loretto     Petersburg     Primrose     Raeville     Saint Edward

BOX BUTTE Co.     ALLIANCE     Berea     Birdsell     Burbank     Burns     Carpenter     Girard     Hashman     Hemingford     Letan     Nonpareil     Nye     Willey     Yale

BOYD Co.     Alford     Anoka     Baker     Bristow     BUTTE     Gross     Lynch     Mankat Marple     Monowi     Naper     Rosedale     Spencer

BROWN Co.     AINSWORTH     Alkali     Altai     Beardwell     Enderslake     Giles    Huffman     Johnstown     Lakewood     Long Pine     Mary     Midvale     Pike
Raven     Sunnyside     Spragg     Winfield

BUFFALO Co.     Amherst     Buda     Denman     Elm Creek     Gibbon
Glenwood Park     KEARNEY     Luce     Majors     Miller     Nantasket     Odessa       Optic     Peak     Pleasanton     Poole     Ravenna     Riverdale     Saint Michael     Sartoria Shelton     Sweetwater     Watertown

BURT Co.     Argo     Basford     Bertha     Craig     Decatur     Golden Spring     Lyons     Oakland     Peak     TEKAMAH     Zion

BUTLER Co.     Abie     Bellwood     Brainard     Bruno     DAVID CITY     Dwight     Garrison     Linwood     Loma     Millerton     Octavia     Rising City     Surprise     Ulysses

CASS Co.     Alvo     Avoca     Cedar Creek     Eagle     Elmwood     Greenwood     Louisville     Manley     Murdock     Murray     Mynard     Nehawka     PLATTSMOUTH     Rockbluff     South Bend     Union     Wabash     Weeping Water

CEDAR Co.     Aten     Belden     Bow Valley     Coleridge     Constance     Fordyce    HARTINGTON     Laurel     Magnet     Menominee     Obert     Randolph     Saint James  Saint Peter     St. Helena     Wareham     Wynot

CHASE Co.     Best     Champion     Chase     Enders     IMPERIAL     Lamar     Wauneta

CHERRY Co.     Arabia     Banner     Big Creek     Brownlee     Burge     Calf Creek  Capwell     Cascade     Cashswan     Cherry     Chesterfield     Cody     Crookston     Curlew     Eli     Elsmere     Elizabeth     Enlow     Erik     Ethel     Fern     Gilaspie      Harmony     Hire     Irwin     Kennedy     Kilgore     King     Kinneyville     Lackey     Lake       Lavaca     Lewanna     Lund     Martindale     Merriman     Middle Prong     Nenzel     Newton     Oasis     Prentice     Pullman     Reeves     Riege     Rita Park     Rolf     Roxby   Simeon    Soudan     Sparks     Survey     Thatcher     Trouble     VALENTINE     Vian     Wood Lake    Wells

CHEYENNE Co.     Brownson     Clara     Colton     Dalton     Dye     Henry     Herndon     Higgins     Ickes     Leafdale     Lodgepole     Lorenzo     Margate     Potter     Sextorp     SIDNEY     Sunol     Weyerts

CLAY Co.     CLAY CENTER     Deweese     Edgar     Eldorado     Fairfield     Glenvil     Harvard     Inland     Ong     Saronville      Springranch      Sutton     Trumbull    Verona

COLFAX Co.     Clarkson     Howell     Leigh     Praha     Richland     Rogers     SCHUYLER

CUMING Co.     Aloys     Bancroft     Beemer     Bismarck     Cuming     Germanville     Monterey     WEST POINT     Wisner

CUSTER Co.     Anselmo     Ansley     Arnold     Berwyn     BROKEN BOW
Callaway     Climax     Comstock     Cumro     Dale     Elton     Etna     Gates     Huxley      Lillian     Lodi     Lomax     Mason City     Merna     Milburn     Milldale     Oconto     Ortello      Sargent     Walworth     Weissert     Westerville     Yucahill

DAKOTA Co.     Covington     DAKOTA CITY     Goodwin     Homer     Hubbard     Jackson     Nacora     Sioux

DAWES Co.     Antelope     Belmont     Bordeaux     CHADRON     Crawford               Dakota Junction     Dunlap     Esther     Fort Robinson     Hough     Ida     Manchester      Marsland Pine Ridge     Vista     Wayside     Whitney

DAWSON Co.     Buffalo     Buzzards Roost     Cozad     Darr     Doss   Eddyville      Farnam     Gothenburg     Josselyn     LEXINGTON     Overton     Simonds     Sumner      Willow Island

DEUEL Co.     Barton     Bigspring     CHAPPELL     Day     Froid     Perdu     Ralton

DIXON Co.     Allen     Concord     Dixon     Emerson     Ionia     Limegrove     Martinsburg Maskell     Newcastle     PONCA     Wakefield     Waterbury

DODGE Co.     Ames     Crowell     Dodge     Everett     FREMONT     Hooper    Ihno        Leavitt     Mapleville     Nickerson     North Bend     Pleasant Valley     Rawhide       Ridgeley     Scribner     Snyder     Uehling     Winslow

DOUGLAS Co.     Bennington     Benson     Dodge     Elk City     Elkhorn     Florence     Irvington     Lane     Mercer     Millard     OMAHA     Ralston     Sarpy     Seymour     Valley   Waterloo

DUNDY Co.     BENKELMAN     Calvert     Haigler     Hiawatha     Max     Parks     Sanborn

FILLMORE Co.     Burress     Carlisle     Exeter     Fairmont     GENEVA     Grafton  Milligan     Ohiowa     Sawyer     Schickley     Strang

FRANKLIN Co.     Bloomington     Campbell     FRANKLIN     Hildreth     Macon     Naponee     Riverton     Upland

FRONTIER Co.     Centerpoint     Colebank     Curtis     Earl     Eustis     Freedom     Havana     Hunt     Maywood     Moorefield     Orafino     Osborn     Quick     Saint Ann     Stevens     STOCKVILLE

FURNAS Co.     Arapahoe     BEAVER CITY     Cambridge     Edison     Hendley     Holbrook     Hollinger     Oxford     Wilsonville

GAGE Co.     Adams     Barneston     BEATRICE     Blue Springs     Clatonia     Cortland   Cropsey     Ellis     Filley     Freeman     Grandview     Hanover     Hoag     Holmesville         Kinney     Krider     Lanham     Liberty     Odell     Pickrell     Rockford    Townsend     Virginia     Wymore

GARDEN Co.     Hartman     Hutchinson     Kowanda     Lewellen     Lisco     Lutherville      Moffitt     Mumper     Orlando     OSHKOSH     Pawlett     Rackett

GARFIELD Co.     Ballagh     Blake     BURWELL     Deverre     Dumas     Erina     Gables Rosevale     Sheridan

GOSPER Co.     Ceryl     ELWOOD     Gosper     Smithfield

GRANT Co.     Ashby     Duluth     Elva     HYANNIS     Lucky     Valley     Whitman

GREELEY Co.     Belfast     Brayton     GREELEY CENTER     Homestead     Horace     Parnell     Scotia     Spalding     Wolbach

HALL Co.     Abbott     Alda     Cairo     Doniphan     GRAND ISLAND     Spencer     Schauppsville     Underwood     Wood River

HAMILTON Co.     AURORA     Giltner     Hampton     Hordville     Marquette
Orville City     Phillips     Stockham

HARLAN Co.     ALMA     Carter     Huntley     Mascot     Orleans     Oxford Junction         Republican City     Stamford

HAYES Co.     Hamlet     HAYES CENTER     Marengo     Norris     Rain     Robert     Strickland     Thornburg     White

HITCHCOCK Co.     Beverly     Cornell     Culbertson     Meeker     Palisade     Poe  Rupert     Stratton     TRENTON

HOLT Co.     Agee     Amelia     Anncar     Atkinson     Badger     Biscuit     Blackbird    Bliss     Brodie     Catalpa     Celia     Chambers     Chelsea     Cleveland     Deloit     Dorsey     Doty     Dustin     Emmet     Emporia     Ewing     Grand Rapids     Gravel Pit    Greenvalley     Hainesville     Harold     Hay Point     Inez     Inglis     Inman     Josie     Joy Kola     Laura     Lavinia     Leonie     Little     Lucerne     Maple Grove     Martha     Meek     Middlebranch     Mineola     O’NEILL     Opportunity     Paddock     Page     Phoenix     Ray Redbird     Saratoga     Scottville     Stafford     Star     Stuart     Swan     Tonawanda     Tonic     Turner

HOOKER Co.     Donald     Dunwell     Eclipse     Hecla     Kelso     Moore     MULLEN       Weir

HOWARD Co.     Boelus     Coatesfield     Cushing     Dannebrog     Elba     Farwell  Nysted     Saint Libory     SAINT PAUL

JEFFERSON Co.     Daykin     Diller     Endicott     FAIRBURY     Gladstone     Harbine      Helvey     Jansen     Kesterson     Meridian     Plymouth     Powell     Reynolds           Steele City     Thompson

JOHNSON Co.     Cook     Crab Orchard     Elk Creek     Graf     Saint Mary     Sterling      TECUMSEH     Vesta

KEITH Co.     Belmar     Bertha     Brule     Keystone     Lemoyne     OGALLALA     Oren   Paxton     Roscoe     Sarben

KEYA PAHA Co.     Brocksburg     Burton     Carns     Eclipse     Enterprise     Jamison     Marlbank     Meadville     Mills     Norden     Pinecamp     Riverview     Simpson     SPRINGVIEW

KIMBALL Co.     Beacon     Bethel     Bushnell     Crossbar     Dix     Gifford     Hodges       Kauffman     KIMBALL     Oliver     Owasco     Parker     Smeed     Troy

KNOX Co.     Bazile Mills     Bloomfield     Blyville     CENTER     Creighton     Crofton Jelen     Knoxville     Le Blanc     Millerboro     Niobrara     Pishelville     Reidsville     Santee Sparta     Venus     Verdel     Verdigre     Walnut     Wausa     Winnetoon

LANCASTER Co.     Agnew     Arbor     Belmont     Bennett     Berks     Bethany     Burnham     Cheney     Cobb     College View     Cushman     Davey     Denton     Emerald Firth     Hallam     Havelock     Hickman     Holland     Jamaica     Kramer     Lancaster     LINCOLN     Malcolm     Martel     Normal     Panama     Prairie Home  Pecks Grove     Pella     Princeton     Raymond     Roca     Rokeby     Saltillo     Sprague  Summit     University Place     Walton     Waverly     West Lincoln

LINCOLN Co.     Arna     Bignell     Birdwood     Brady     Denmark     Dexter     Dickens     Echo     Gannett     Garfield     Hershey     Hindrey     Ingham     Maxwell     Myrtle     Nichols     NORTH PLATTE     O’Fallons     Somerset     Spannuth     Spear     Sutherland Vroman     Wallace     Wellfleet     Whittier     Willard

LOGAN Co.     Ford     Gandy     Gem     Hoagland     Kirsch     Logan     STAPLETON     Wagner

LOUP Co.     Almeria     Calamus     Ferguson     Gracie     Moulton     Ovitt     TAYLOR     Valleyview

MADISON Co.     Battle Creek     Burnett     Emerick     Enola     Hope     Kalamazoo Kent Siding     MADISON     Meadow Grove     Newman Grove     Norfolk                       South Norfolk     Tilden     Warnerville

MC PHERSON Co.     Brighton     Chandler     Flats     Forks     Lemley     Lilac     Mayflower     Nesbit     Ney     Omega     Ringgold     Summit     TRYON     Valyrang

MERRICK Co.     Archer     CENTRAL CITY     Chapman     Clarks     Elvira    Palmer     Silver Creek     Sunrise     Worms

MORRILL Co.     Angora     Atkins     Bayard     Bonner     BRIDGEPORT     Broadwater   Chimney Rock     Cleman     Colyer     Goodstreak     Guthrie     Lynn     Northport     Redington     Silverthorn     Simla

NANCE Co.     Belgrade     FULLERTON     Genoa     Kent     Merchiston     Northstar

NEMAHA Co.     Aspinwall     AUBURN     Brock     Brownville     Glen Rock     Howe Johnson     Julian     Nemaha     Peru     Saint Deroin

NUCKOLLS Co.     Abdal     Angus     Bostwick     Cadams     Hardy     Lawrence     Mount Clare     NELSON     Nora     Oak     Ruskin     Sedan     Smyrna     Superior

OTOE Co.     Burr     Douglas    Dunbar     Lorton     Minersville     NEBRASKA CITY  Otoe     Palmyra     Paul     Syracuse     Talmage     Unadilla     Wyoming

PAWNEE Co.     Armour     Bookwalter     Burchard     Du Bois     Lewiston     Mayberry     PAWNEE CITY     Steinauer     Table Rock     Tate     Violet

PERKINS Co.     Brandon     Elsie     GRANT     Madrid     Pearl     Phebe     Venango

PHELPS Co.     Atlanta     Bertrand     Funk     Haydon     Holcomb     HOLDREGE     Loomis     Sacramento     Westmark     Williamsburg

PIERCE Co.     Breslau     Hadar     Lucas Siding     McLean     Osmond     PIERCE  Plainview

PLATTE Co.     COLUMBUS     Cornlea     Creston     Duncan     Humphrey    Lindsay     Monroe     Oconee     Platte Center     Tarnov

POLK Co.     OSCEOLA     Polk     Shelby     Stromsburg     Swedehome

RED WILLOW Co.     Banksville     Bartley     Boxelder     Danbury     Indianola     Lebanon     Marion     MCCOOK     Perry     Red Willow     Shippee

RICHARDSON Co.     Arago     Archer     Barada     Dawson     FALLS CITY    Fargo     Humboldt     Middleburg     Nims     Preston     Rulo     Salem     Shubert     Stella     Straussville     Verdon

ROCK Co.     BASSETT     Buell     Butka     Cuba     Duff     Hammond     Horsefoot  Kirkwood     Malvern     Mariaville     Newport     Perch     Pony Lake     Rock     Rose     Selden     Shebesta     Sybrant     Thurman

SALINE Co.     Crete     DeWitt     Dorchester     Friend     Plato     Pleasanthill     Shestak Swanton     Tobias     Western     WILBER

SARPY Co.     Bellevue     Chalco     Fort Crook     Gilmore     Gretna     La Platte   Meadow     Melia     PAPILLION     Richfield     Springfield

SAUNDERS Co.     Ashland     Cedar Bluffs     Ceresco     Colon     Ithaca    Leshara     Malmo     Mead     Memphis     Morse Bluff     Plasi     Platte River     Pohocco     Prague   Rescue     Sand Creek     Swedeburg     Touhy     Valparaiso     WAHOO     Wann     Weston     Woodcliff     Yutan

SCOTTS BLUFF Co.     Bradley     Brockhoff     Caldwell     Covert     Dorrington    GERING     Haig     Henry     Heyward     Hope     Larissa     McGrew     Melbeta     Minatare     Mitchell     Morrill     Roubedeau     Scottsbluff     Sedan     Snell     Toohey    Woodrow

SEWARD Co.     Beaver Crossing     Bee     Cordova     Garland     Goehner    Milford     Pleasant Dale     SEWARD     Staplehurst     Tamora      Utica

SHERIDAN Co.     Adaton     Albany     Antioch     Bingham     Clinton     Ellsworth    Gordon     Grayson     Hay Springs     Hilton     Hunter     Lakeside     Long Lake     Marple Mirage     Moomaw     Peters     RUSHVILLE     Schill     Spade     Strasburger     Whiteclay

SHERMAN Co.     Ashton     Austin     Hazard     Litchfield     LOUP CITY    Rockville     Schaupps

SIOUX Co.     Agate     Andrews     Ashbrook     Bodarc     Coffee Siding     Curly     Glen   HARRISON     Kelley     Malinda     Montrose     Mud Springs     Orella     Story     Unit

STANTON Co.     Bega     Haymow     Pilger     STANTON

THAYER Co.     Alexandria     Belvidere     Bruning     Byron     Carleton     Chester   Davenport     Deshler     Friedensau     Gilead     HEBRON     Hubbell     Kiowa     Stoddard     Williams

THOMAS Co.     Halsey     Natic     Norway     Seneca     THEDFORD

THURSTON Co.     Macy     PENDER     Rosalie     Thurston     Walthill     Winnebago

VALLEY Co.     Alta     Arcadia     Elyria     Geranium     Lee Park     Miracreek
North Loup     ORD

WASHINGTON Co.     Admah     BLAIR     Bowen     Coffman     Cuming City    Dale     De Soto     Fontanelle     Fort Calhoun     Herman     Kennard     Washington

WAYNE Co.     Altona     Apex     Carroll     Hoskins     Sholes     WAYNE     Winside

WEBSTER Co.     Bladen     Bluehill     Cowles     Guide Rock     Inavale
RED CLOUD    Rosemont

WHEELER Co.     Arden     BARTLETT     Cumminsville     Ericson     Francis   Headquarters     Lisle     Newboro     Pibel     Sheridan     Wheeler

YORK Co.     Arborville     Benedict     Bradshaw     Charlestown     Gresham     Henderson     Houston     Lushton     McCool Junction     Thayer     Waco     YORK